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 +Welcome to IGATE.
 +IGATE is a Packet Radio Node running Xnet with external filtering software.
 +IGATE is connecting several Packet Radio networks through the Internet without interfering the automatic routing of every attached subnet. Routing informations are imported from every subnets but only the information about IGATE itself will be forwarded to each subnet. ​
 +|Following informations are available in english: |Last change:|
 +|{{projects:​igate:​egate.txt|"​egate"​}} Connected Gateways |2008-10-28|
 +|{{projects:​igate:​eman.txt|"​eman"​}} How-To use IGATE |2004-12-29|
 +|{{projects:​igate:​etech.txt|"​etech"​}} Technical operation mode of IGATE |2005-02-02|
 +|{{projects:​igate:​ehist.txt|"​ehist"​}} Historical development of IGATE |2004-12-21|
 +|{{projects:​igate:​enet.txt|"​enet"​}} Packet Radio Net Overview |2004-12-23|
 +|{{projects:​igate:​ecrew.txt|"​ecrew"​}} Contact to the IGATE-Team |2004-12-22|
 +|{{projects:​igate:​efaq.txt|"​efaq"​}} Frequently Asked Questions |2004-12-23|
 +73 de DG8NGN, DL9SAU es LX1TB
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