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 +There are 3 different Conversserver available. You can reach the DL/​EU-Convers (german speaking) at DB0FHN-11. The WW-Convers (worldwide) is reachable at DB0FHN-12 and finally there'​s a local convers at DB0FHN-13 just for local meetings. After your connect you can join the converssystem with "/​lo"​ or "/lo <​channelnumber>"​. After your login the help is available with "/​help"​.
 +You can reach the Conversystem over the Internet in IRC-Mode.\\
 +IRC-Mode means that the used convers-software offers some IRC-functionality,​ but not all IRC options.
 +There is a restricted character-set conversion available.\\
 +Before you can join the convers by Internet you have to set a password described at "​Setting the Converspassword"​ on the mainpage.
 +An example for IRC is shown by M-IRC (http://​ First add a new IRC-Server.\\ ​
 +IRC-Server:\\ ​
 +Ports: 3610 (choose 3600 for DL/​EU-Convers,​ 3610 for WW-Convers or 6810 for local Convers)\\ ​
 +Password: Your Converspassword
 +Select the new server.
 +Type in your name and email. Use your callsign as nickname. Uncheck invisible mode and press "​connect to server"​.
 +Now you can join any channel like the default channel 275 at DB0FHN.
 +You can also join the conversystem by SSH. Just login to ssh:​%%//​ (e.g. with putty) and type "​convers",​ "​wconvers"​ or "​lconvers"​.
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