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Spectrogram Freeware

Up to 24 bit, 96 kHz Analysis.
Compatible with Windows Vista and XP.



Spectrogram (New Version 16.0) is a calibrated, dual channel audio spectrum analyzer for Windows that can provide either a scrolling time-frequency display or a spectrum analyzer scope display in real time for any sound source connected to your sound card. Spectrogram allows unlimited recording and playback of the sounds from the spectrum display and can provide high resolution spectrum analysis with a wide choice of frequency bands and frequency resolutions and either linear or logarithmic frequency scales.

Spectrogram also includes an Ultrasound Display designed for use with ultrasound detectors for analysis of high-frequency vocalizations of bats, and communication signals by insects, rodents or other animals.



SpectrumPlayer Freeware



SpectrumPlayer (version 1.2) plays CD tracks and audio files, providing a real-time scrolling spectrum display with a choice of frequency and time resolution. A play list that mixes CD tracks and audio files can be created and played sequentially. A review function allows selection of a time segment from any recording for detailed examination. Audio formats supported include CD tracks, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AIFF, MOD, XM, and others.

The download at left is a self-extracting installation program that will install SpectrumPlayer on a single computer.




Voiceprint is a sophisticated yet simple to use spectrum analyzer for use in the voice studio.  It provides real-time spectrum analysis, voice resonance analysis, and pitch detection, allows comparison of the spectra of different vocalizations using a split screen display, and allows voiceprints to be saved as audio files and graphic images for subsequent replay and study.  Voiceprint is a product of Vocal Innovations LLC for Windows computers.

The download at left is a self-extracting installation program that will install Voiceprint on a single computer for a 10-day trial period.  Purchase of the program ($50 USD) will remove this time limit.