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Hi all,

Quite a lot of bulletins about not being able to get 9k6 working.   

The Yaesu tranceivers that are 9k6 ready actually do work.   I have an
FT-8100 and an FT-847 and both work excellently at 9k6 using a PacComm
Spirit-2 High Performance Packet Controller (not a cheap solution but it
works).  Got it going within 10 mins out of the box and that was two years
ago.  It is apparently capable of working at up to 56k!   Apart from a
local ham who has moved on to other things there is not much now going on.

However, there is a node within calling distance from Orpington to
Chelmsford (DNBURY) that has a 9k6 access port and has onward links to
Martlesham Heath (GB7DXM) so I can make use of the DX Cluster there at a
good speed. 

I plan to try the AGW Sound Card option at 9k6 in the near future and will
let you know how I get on.   Not that I am trying to urge you all on but
this in the manner of experimentation and self learning.....

As an aside, it does need a 25kHz channel and the DCC/Band Planning chaps
have provided several.   On 2m try 144.825 and 144.975, while on 70cm try
432.625 and 433.625.   There are some others - check the Band Plan.

Hope this helps, kind regards and
73 - Graham, G6YFF @ GB7WSX

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