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Graham G6YFF wrote.....
} The Yaesu tranceivers that are 9k6 ready actually do work.   I have an
} FT-8100 and an FT-847 and both work excellently at 9k6 using a PacComm
} Spirit-2 High Performance Packet Controller (not a cheap solution but it
} works).  Got it going within 10 mins out of the box and that was two years
} ago.  It is apparently capable of working at up to 56k!   Apart from a
} local ham who has moved on to other things there is not much now going on.
Well the FT-2600 works fine on RX but absolutely useless on TX, and to
make matters worse the innards don't correspond to the circuit diagram
in the critical TX area :-((

The FT-100D works fine on 9k6.

73, Pete G6KUI

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