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GM7HUD > PACKET   29.04.04 11:45l 9 Lines 358 Bytes #999 (0) @ WW
BID : 55167_GB7ESX
Subj: re * 9k6 *
Sent: 040429/1029z @:GB7ESX.#31.GBR.EU #:55167 $:55167_GB7ESX [Witham, Esx]NNA

I always found that getting the frequency spot on was paramount. The actual
drive level from the modem to the radio was less important. In fact I could
get stuff to decode with hardly any modulation as long as the SNR was good.
I did find that if the tx <> rx frequency was out by more than 700Hz you would
have problems.

73 de Andy HL/G7HUD
Gumi, S.Korea

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