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Subj: Another misquote.
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This is the second bull I have read, quoting me but not one I wrote.

For a start. I didn't send one to RADIO.

G0TEZ wrote:-
> I have only just heard about this example of religious tolerance.
Surely you mean 'intolerance'?
Yes. I would have writtten 'intolerance' if I had written that in the
first place.

>> Even though I have just spent a week in Amsterdam, no one mentioned it.
> Perhaps because it has been two years ago?
The last time I was in Amsterdam was nearly two years ago, just about a
month after the ritual assassination of Theo van Gogh.

> A man called Theo van Gogh was murdered because he made a film 
> criticising the one true faith.

No. Actually, I thought and wrote that he had produced a play.

> The only Theo van Gogh I had heard of was the brother of Vincent, the
> artist. It sounds as though this one had been named after him.

Yes. I did write that or close to it.

That will do for now. I only connect once; sometimes twice a week. So
anything which turns up at other times is unlikely to be mine. This is the
second bulletin purporting to come from me yet not using my turn of phrase
and not my language.

It doesn't matter in this case. I did go to Amsterdam just over 18 months
ago. I have not 'just' returned. I wish I had. Amsterdam is my favourite
city but, sadly, I do not qualify to live there or near there.

A collection of minor misquotes but niggling. What's going on ?

73 - Ian, G0TEZ @ GB7FCR

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