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Here is, in part, the bull I did send about the assassination of Theo van
Note, it was sent to PONDER not RADIO and I did think it was a play.
I found this reply, sent SB by Henry PA7KK while I was clearing out past
bulls just after sending the last one replying to Gerard, PE2OUD.

My apologies for quoting you,Henry.


Hello Ian and readers.

>The assasination of Theo van Gogh for producing a play which was taken as
>'insulting to Isalm',
>I often wondered what happened to the assassins.

In the movie Theo showed the low status of women inside
the islamic community. He also mentioned the mutilation
of their genitals when they are still childeren. These
specific islamic groups live in Africa. (Boys are also
mutilated in all islamic communities) 
They felt insulted all over the world. 

Reporters asked islamic youngsters in Amsterdam afterwards how they
felt about this murder. They said he insulted their religion
and could expect something like that happening to him.

The islamic assassin of Theo van Gogh was convicted and put to
jail the rest of his life. Van Gogh was slaughtered in a religious
ritual way, with several knives and a handgun. Terrible way to die. 

There was ofcourse a network of people around him who are all
still busy planning, preparing attacks. It is very hard to prove
in court they are breaking the law. We changed the laws but
it is still not easy to get them convicted. Some time ago
one of them was caught with an AK-47 automatic gun, and
handgranates in his car. He was convicted for having 
guns illegally in possesion. That's all. They are constantly
watched by the intelligence agency and infiltrated.
Some of them were taken in custody with detailed maps of Schiphol
Airport, the Parliament Buildings and a nuclear powerplant.
No prove, so they were released... The one who killed Theo,
now, is in a special maximum security prison. Also some the police
arrested, but they threw handgranates at the police. One
officer was seriously wounded. One of the radicals of the network 
around the killer of van Gogh stated lately he wanted to leave Holland
as the authorities always were closely watching him which made
him mad. Now he has taken a lawyer that must prove the dutch state
is harrassing him without a reason. 

>Since then of course we have had the cartoons in Danske Dagbladet and the
>attacks on Danes. Very mild cartoons to my eyes for anyone who hasn't seen


Some may think, why made the dutch such a fuzz about only one man
murdered ? Every day people are murdered. But Van Gogh was in Holland
as known as I think David Frost in the UK. Imagine you hear in the media  
that he was murdered by a muslim because he had said something about
the Islam. Something like that has more impact in society, which was
also known by the assassin I figure. 

73's - Henry,  PA7KK

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73 - Ian, G0TEZ @ GB7FCR

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