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Subj: Re: "Why God Created Atheists"
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I've vaguely heard of Dawkins. I'm not too sure he can add anything to
what Bertrand Russell wrote.

Nietche was right in many respects. All men are NOT equal. For every
Albert Einstein,John Logie Baird, James Dyson etc. there are a thousand
low browed
greedy, destructive subhumans. Possibly a religion goes part way to
keeping them in some sort of order. After all. It's all based on the fear
of death.

Then, as David says, without religions, we would not have had the
inquisition, the hanging of the witches, the burning of the Albigenses. We
would not have Israel v palestine and the Muslims v the Christians, not
just in the Middle East but several other small countries, mostly part of
the former USSR, where they were formerly kept in order because the Soviet
Union, which didn't ban religions as many say, stopped them evangelising
and having power.

A little song which has stuck with me for 30 years or so:

	Why don't you be like me.
	Why don't you come and see,
	Why don't you hate who I hate,
	Kill who I kill to be free ?

                                    The Monkees. Alternate Title.

                                    A lot of sense for a pop song.

73 - Ian, G0TEZ @ GB7FCR

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