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Subj: Re: "Why God Created Atheists"
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Maybe true, Ian, but I am not so sure of that. Man has always found a way
to mistreat his fellows and there is no better example than the purges
conducted by the atheist state, the Soviet Union, some years ago.You
support that it seems from what you say? And the Soviet did not ban
religion you say? Don't make me laugh, Ian. They certainly made life
difficult and when the Communist Party lost power people couldn't wait to
get back into the churches to practise their faith openly after  years of

Hitler was another non Christian who persecuted the Jews almost to
extinction, and threw into gaol those Christians who dared to question his
actions as a matter of conscience. Do you support that too? Be fair. The
acts of Christians to which you refer occurred three hundred years ago and
no Christian will support those acts today.Hitler and Stalin's acts were
not three hundred years ago; they were in the modern era. Get your history
up to date.

Then again there is a credit side. Without the Christian religion there
would not have been the schools, the hospitals, and the care of the
underprivileged either, but like David you ignore the plusses and
concentrate on the negatives, which actually occurred some three hundred
years ago.You can't have it both ways.If Christianity should cease to
exist right now you would pay dearly in increased taxes to take up the
load of welfare and education that the religious organizations pay for

Oh my! I have made a comment on religion. Well I hate to see
misinformation about anything, Ian, and you are making a big song and
dance about one side of the picture and totally ignoring the other side.
As I said. BE FAIR!
As for your comments about Muslim versus Christian, I am sure that  if you
take the trouble to read the situation unblinded by your bias you will
find that nearly all of the people being killed in Iraq by terrorists'
bombs are fellow Muslims and that the Christian element in our Governments
are doing their best to create peace out of chaos. Get it right fellers;
you are playing with the truth just to make a good story to support your
And, by the way, forget the halos. The only halo is the one used on vhf
amatuer radio. Human halo don't exist and never have. They were in the
imgination of the mediaeval painters. Again, get up to date.
Bob VK6BE.

> Then, as David says, without religions, we would not have had the
> inquisition, the hanging of the witches, the burning of the Albigenses. We  would not have Israel v
palestine and the Muslims v the Christians, not
> just in the Middle East but several other small countries, mostly part of
> the former USSR, where they were formerly kept in order because the Soviet  Union, which didn't ban
religions as many say, stopped them evangelising  and having power.

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