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Subj: Re:VK6BE, "Why God Created Atheists"
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Hello Bob and readers.

> Oh my! I have made a comment on religion.

It is not crime Bob.

>As for your comments about Muslim versus Christian, I am sure that  if you
>take the trouble to read the situation unblinded by your bias you will
>find that nearly all of the people being killed in Iraq by terrorists'
>bombs are fellow Muslims and that the Christian element in our Governments
>are doing their best to create peace out of chaos. Get it right fellers;
>you are playing with the truth just to make a good story to support your

Bob, you are looking to this situation as a Christian. Islam does not
want a peacefull situation when nations occupy them with that Christian
element. I know your heart is ok, but our worlds simply don't match.
The australian Sheik Hilali who made these comments about women
who should cover their "flesh" are from a different world than ours.
Because an islamic gang raped a 16 year old girl he tried to
"defend" them. Islam does not exclude violence, this will always
cause conflict with the western world. The Sheik is tuned in
on an other wavelength Bob. He does not like the way the australians
live and his supporters neither. About the 9/11 killing he said
"It is the work of God". Expect chaos, peace is not what they after.

Indeed Christianty did a lot of good work when it comes to hospitals
schools etc. The negative things which happened in the past
are not important today. I see no negative aspects of Christianity
today. In general I think, their conduct vs violence is naive, but
that may because of the N.T. that calls for non-violence. However
this is a weak attitude that may cause unrepairable damage in future.

73's - Henry, PA7KK.

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