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Subj: Re:VK6BE, "Why God Created Atheists"
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Henry, I neither criticised nor implied any criticism of Islam. My
experience is different from what you are saying. We have had Afghanis and
others of Islam in our town here. They are hard workers, friendly, and we
have no problems in coexisting.They are peaceful and have become good
citizens in our community.

In Sydney the Sheik you mention  made a statement about women which caused
outrage in this country. The Islamic Councils denounced him for this and
his future as a leader appears to be in grave doubt.You don't have the
whole story and how could you since you depend on reports from news
sources who often leave out the positives. Negatives sell papers.

You are branding the followers of Islam with one brush, that of the
extremists, dangerous people who exist in plenty of organizations other
than Islam.

This is one good reason why this discussion should not be taking place.
You cannot generalize and identify all these people with extremists.

> Bob, you are looking to this situation as a Christian. Islam does not
> want a peacefull situation when nations occupy them with that Christian
> element. I know your heart is ok, but our worlds simply don't match.
> The australian Sheik Hilali who made these comments about women
> who should cover their "flesh" are from a different world than ours.
> Because an islamic gang raped a 16 year old girl he tried to
> "defend" them. Islam does not exclude violence, this will always
> cause conflict with the western world. The Sheik is tuned in
> on an other wavelength Bob. He does not like the way the australians
> live and his supporters neither. About the 9/11 killing he said
> "It is the work of God". Expect chaos, peace is not what they after.

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