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Subj: Re:VK6BE,  australian Sheik.
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Hello Bob and readers.

>Henry, I neither criticised nor implied any criticism of Islam. My
>experience is different from what you are saying. We have had Afghanis and
>others of Islam in our town here. They are hard workers, friendly, and we
>have no problems in coexisting.They are peaceful and have become good
>citizens in our community.

You wrote that before Bob.  We never saw much news coming from 
Australia. If their was news, it was most of the tine positive.
But lately the papers and the tv evening news report about similar
negative aspects like overhere with muslims. The signs of
separation, not friendly people anymore but gang rapes,
troubles on beaches etc. In Amsterdam we have 1500 of those
islamic troublemakers that harrass people. I know you will
not comment on what happens here. Albany is not representative
for what happens in this world. 

>In Sydney the Sheik you mention  made a statement about women which caused
>outrage in this country. 
>The Islamic Councils denounced him for this and
>his future as a leader appears to be in grave doubt.You don't have the
>whole story and how could you since you depend on reports from news
>sources who often leave out the positives. Negatives sell papers.

Why do you think a man like the Sheik and his ideas (and of his age..)
came to Australia ? - Why did he became a leader ? -  Why does the
Islamic Council does not ask him to leave Australia or better
Australia expels him ? The Sheik is a leader, so he must have shared
his ideas with his supporters. They did not remove him before, while
they must have known about his reprehensible way of thinking.

You say there are extremists in all kind of organisations. 
I really don't know in which organisation eg in the western world
you are referring to. Yes, in Germany in the 70's they had the R.A.F.
The R.A.F were violent communists. The IRA and similar organisations
cause local problems, not a worldwide problem like the Islamists.
I don't know of similar extremists like the Islamists who cause 
serious violent trouble like in N.Y. Yemen, France, Madrid, Holland.
India, Afghanistan, Jordan, Egypt, Tunesia, Maroc, Algeria, UK,
Danmark, Turkey, Russia, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Saudi Arabia,
Indonesia, Thailand, Sudan, etc. They have supporters. In Holland
their numbers are growing and are a concern of the intelligence
agency. The peaceful muslims who commit no extreme crimes never 
demostrate when eg Theo van Gogh was murdered in Holland or
when "Paris was on fire". Why are there Islamic Councils ? 
Are there Christain Councils ? We don't need councils.

73's - Henry,  PA7KK.

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