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Subj: Re: "Why God Created Atheists"
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> Maybe true, Ian, but I am not so sure of that. Man has always found a way
> to mistreat his fellows and there is no better example than the purges
> conducted by the atheist state, the Soviet Union, some years ago.You
> support that it seems from what you say? And the Soviet did not ban
> religion you say? Don't make me laugh, Ian. They certainly made life
> difficult and when the Communist Party lost power people couldn't wait to
> get back into the churches to practise their faith openly after  years of
> persecution.

I don't know where your infor mation comes from but, I read the
Constitution of the USSR many years ago. Religion wasn't banned, just
evangelism and putting power in the hands of the religions.

People could and did practice their religion. In most cases, Russian

Other misapprehensions people had were that all private trade was banned.
Not true. People could run small sized e.g., family businesses. It was
only large scale monopolies that weren't allowed.

They even had a Coca Cola vending machine in Red Square.

You could never get the truth from listening to the Voice of America and
our TV programming.

Yes. Most western hospitals evolved from religious organizations. The Red
Cross came from the horse drawn ambulances in the Crimean War. It is the
English flag, which is the cross of St George.

The French stole it as usual and renamed it 'Le Croix Rouge', run from
Switzerland. About 100 nyears afer it's birth, the Americans started
putting the caduceus on the side of their ambulances. (can't show the
Limey flag!) Later, the Israelis started the Red Mogen David and the
muslims got the Red Crescent.

As for that nasty Mr Hitler, they were atheists but, for the women, they
had "Kinder,Kuche und Kirsche" (Kids,Kitchen and Church). They didn't have
women working in factories like the brits and the Yanks.

They invented the welfare state. We copied it in 1948.

	"The evil that men do lives after them,
	 The good is oft interred with their bones."
                                                    Will Shakespeare.

p.s. Thanks for not using the word 'predjudice.'

73 - Ian, G0TEZ @ GB7FCR

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