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Subj: Re: Australian Sheik
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Hello All,
           It  is  not  a  subject  that makes  me  happy,  but  in  view  of
developments today, where all the  Australian immans have come out in support
of the sheik and the obvious support  from his congregation I am coming to  a
conclusion about what needs to be done.

I now believe that the immigration  act should be amended to make the islamic
faith a disqualification for  immigration. Also all residency  permits should
be cancelled.

I can see no realistic option. Despite all what I now believe to be crocadile
tears about what  was said I think he has almost total support.
 You  may not be  aware that this is not the first incident of  this nature.
  There been  a number  of equally offensive remarks made.
 He  even tried  to pat  us down  about the  Bilal Aussie girl rape gang
having been given a too severe sentance.
The leader got 45 years, his brother  20 years and the others varying terms up
to 20 years.

Together with other  things going on  here in Sydney  and what we  read about
overseas I don't think we can or should put up with it any longer.
Why the hell should we ?

An indirect relative of mine is a prisom warder and the Lebonese moslems make
up 40% of the gaol population.

The thing that  woke me up  was when they  made an armed  assault on Lakemba
police station because their car stealing gang had been broken up.
They were stealing expensive cars and sending them in containers to Lebanon.
The alleged leader of  that episode has  just been extradited  from Lebanon
and  will stand trial soon.

If it keeps up they will turn Sydney into a Beruit.

Barry VK2AAB

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