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Subj: Re:VK6BE,  australian Sheik.
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Yes I did write that before but you don't seem to have take notice Henry.
There have been plenty of extremists in many countries whose violent
activities have caused many deaths, who were not of Islam. A gang in
Germany got into the Israeli competitors' quarters at one Olympic Games
and opened fire on the athletes many years ago, wiping out many of the
team. The IRA carried out executions and bombings; there are many more
instances and they are not confined to the Middle East or to Islamic
The gang rape you mentioned was one instance, only one, and not a common
occurrence, and the perpetrators were caught and are in gaol for a long
period. They got little or no support from their fellow countrymen. They
were Lebanese I believe, but world wide there have been such crimes
committed by men of other races.. 
Violence against Asians in my own state, firebombing of Chinese
restaurants, anti Asian posters and incitement to violence against Asians 
was carried out about 20 years ago  by Australians, with two prominent
leaders who incidentally had Dutch names. I don't know what connection
there was with Holland or if there was any. I doubt it. Their leader went
to gaol for something like 20 years with his first lieutenantalso gaoled.
He recently got out on parole but started up his activities again and went
straight back into gaol. Noone here supports him.
Our problems in Australia with violent conduct is probably no worse than
anywhere else and Islamics are not the offenders in most cases.
Incidentally the Sheik who caused the furore asked his followers to not
demonstrate in support of him, and the Islamic councils are to decide
whether he will be sacked. He is under suspension and not allowed to
preach until the matter is thoroughly considered, and that is by the
Islamic Councils.He is not backed by them.
No Albany is not representative of what happens in your part of the world
but you DID comment on the Australian situation, Henry. Perhaps you should
not have done that without full knowledge of the true situation. By the
way all the unrest you have heard about took place in Sydney which is only
ONE city in a vast country. We have no difficulties with Islam in my state
but we do have gangs of Vietnamese youths who create trouble in the
capital city streets. Most of them have Roman Catholic background but we
don't brand all Roman Catholics as violent, do we. Then why the different
treatment for followers of Islam? However the police are targetting these
youths, and gangs of Australian youths who also cause trouble.
Bob VK6BE.

> You wrote that before Bob.  We never saw much news coming from 
> Australia. If their was news, it was most of the tine positive.
> But lately the papers and the tv evening news report about similar
> negative aspects like overhere with muslims. The signs of
> separation, not friendly people anymore but gang rapes,
> troubles on beaches etc. In Amsterdam we have 1500 of those
> islamic troublemakers that harrass people. I know you will
> not comment on what happens here. Albany is not representative
> for what happens in this world.

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