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Subj: Re: VK6BE, Muenchen and the Sheik
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Hello Bob and readers.

>Yes I did write that before but you don't seem to have take notice Henry.

I did noticed it.  

>There have been plenty of extremists in many countries whose violent
>activities have caused many deaths, who were not of Islam. A gang in
>Germany got into the Israeli competitors' quarters at one Olympic Games
>and opened fire on the athletes many years ago, wiping out many of the

Why do you write about this Bob. Jews were the target. Islamic
Palestine "fighters" did this planned attack. This underlines only
the systematic sequence of anti-semitic islamic violence against jews.
It's not very fair towards the jewish and readers you conceal this
information. Why do you come up with this horrible event that was an 
attack on the Olympic games, jews, and more or less the state of Isreal. 
It seems that jews always are the scapegoat. I hope it will stop one day. 
But it is eradicable it seems. It goes on and on.

>The IRA carried out executions and bombings; there are many more
>instances and they are not confined to the Middle East or to Islamic

Yes I mentioned them too in my bull, you referred to. The IRA is/was not
an incident, but the world is not full with IRA's except...for
islamic similar violent groups that attack western people, interests. 

>The gang rape you mentioned was one instance, only one, and not a common
>occurrence, and the perpetrators were caught and are in gaol for a long
>period. They got little or no support from their fellow countrymen. They
>were Lebanese I believe, but world wide there have been such crimes
>committed by men of other races.. 

Ofcourse you are right about these crimes in the world
but this was all connected to the Sheik's 
comments: the boys were not guilty, the girl was. That is 
an attack on the values, the australian nation stand for.
I have no repect for such remarks from islamic leaders wherever
they penetrated, trying to impose there medival backward values.

>Violence against Asians in my own state, firebombing of Chinese
>restaurants, anti Asian posters and incitement to violence against Asians 
>was carried out about 20 years ago  by Australians, with two prominent
>leaders who incidentally had Dutch names. I don't know what connection
>there was with Holland or if there was any. I doubt it. Their leader went
>to gaol for something like 20 years with his first lieutenantalso gaoled.
>He recently got out on parole but started up his activities again and went
>straight back into gaol. Noone here supports him.

With Asians in Holland we have no problems in general. The way Australia
punished these leaders with dutch names is ok with me. Serves them right.

>Our problems in Australia with violent conduct is probably no worse than
>anywhere else and Islamics are not the offenders in most cases.

In Europe we face, you must have seen on the media, a systematic
sequence of planned islamatic violence that is a burden for the intelligence
agencies. The self chosen apartheid is a generator for these
extremists. They try to corrupt out society, they do have a lot
of supporters from which they recruit.

>Incidentally the Sheik who caused the furore asked his followers to not
>demonstrate in support of him, and the Islamic councils are to decide
>whether he will be sacked. He is under suspension and not allowed to
>preach until the matter is thoroughly considered, and that is by the
>Islamic Councils. He is not backed by them.

What is important in this matter is how many followers does the
Sheik from Australia represent. Again WHY did he become a leader ? ? ? 
>No Albany is not representative of what happens in your part of the world
>but you DID comment on the Australian situation, Henry.

No I wrote representative in the world. I comment from what I read in the press
and from what other australian stations already wrote me.
You don't going to tell me Bob, you get all information about this
subject first handed. Why is your information source of a more 
reliable status than mine ? 
My press writes eg about John Howard making the
remark (translated from dutch, sri) to the Sheik: There are already enough
cultural problems in this country, you are not contributing to that"
It may be that this translation does not cover the load,
my excuses in advance.    

I am convinced the majority of the australian population does
not approve of what the Sheik and his followers stand for.
Australians to me look like people who stand with both feet firm
on the ground, are not naive and will wake up after this 
disgraceful remarks of the Sheik.

All the best, Henry, PA7KK

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