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Henry PA7KK wrote:-

> Hello Bob and readers.

Bob, VK6BE:-

> >There have been plenty of extremists in many countries whose violent 
> >activities have caused many deaths, who were not of Islam. A gang in 
> >Germany got into the Israeli competitors' quarters at one Olympic 
> >Games and opened fire on the athletes many years ago, wiping out many 
> >of the team. 

> Why do you write about this Bob. Jews were the target. Islamic 
> Palestine "fighters" did this planned attack. This underlines only the 
> systematic sequence of anti-Semitic Islamic violence against Jews. It's 
> not very fair towards the Jewish and readers you conceal this 
> information.

Bob confuses several entirely separate issues, lumping them all together -
Israel, Muslims and the IRA, inferring that when Islamic fundamentalists 
resort to violence, they're no different from anyone else.

That simply isn't so, and certainly not in the rape case and the Sheik's
ludicrous remarks. That is a clash of philosphy in which women aren't
treated with respect as equals by Muslims.

As to Jews, I think there's a difference between anti-Semitism, which I
utterly abhor, and the Israel/Palestine situation, with regard to what 
the Israelis admit is the "occupied territories". 

Many who aren't anti-Semitic, including prominent Jews are against the
Israelis. In Britain, the most famous of these is Sir Gerald Kaufman, a
British Labour Member of Parliament who was a government minister during
the 1970s.

Kaufman is a member of the Jewish Labour Movement formerly Poale Zion,
affiliated to the Labour party in Britain. Nonetheless, he's become one 
of the leading Jewish critics of Israel. 

He frequently accused Sharon's government of having a poor human rights
record, and of failing to solve the security problems faced by both
Israelis and Palestinians. 

Kaufman has called for economic sanctions and an arms ban against Israel,
citing the success of such measures against apartheid South Africa. He has
called Israel a 'pariah', and Sharon a 'war criminal'.

As to the Muslim sheik in Oz,  what he said wasn't said as a mistake but
based on a central tenet of how Islam treats women. The reason they expect
women to cover themselves to become anonymous faceless, shapeless blobs is
that for them to not do so, is seen as a temptation to men. To my
(western) mind, that insults both women and men.

If Muslim men can't resist temptations of the flesh they should be
blindfolded - not the women covered up. Under Sharia law, a woman 
who's raped is assumed to be the guilty party. Unless she can produce 
four male witnesses (guess how many times that happens), she can be
sentenced to death by stoning. If she's lucky, she might get away with
being flogged within an inch of her life. That's a disgrace, but it is 
the mindset of the Muslim sheik in Oz.

In Pakistan, one woman is raped every two hours. 

In June, 2002 a rape victim was languishing on death row in Pakistan 
with her young baby, born as a result of being repeatedly raped by her

According to press reports, she was married to man (jailed for life for
murder in 1992) in an arranged marriage 13 years before. She then became 
the victim of repeated sexual abuse by her brother-in-law. 

However, the law offered her no protection as she was unable to prove 
rape by producing the required four male witnesses so was found guilty of

No action was taken against her alleged attacker and she appealed her
conviction in the federal Sharia court, the highest Islamic court. If
she'd have lost her appeal, she'd have been stoned to death under the
Islamic Hadud ordinance.

Since all consensual extramarital sexual relations are considered
violations of the Ordinances, if a woman can't prove the absence of
consent (i.e. rape or sexual abuse), she may be charged with a violation 
of the Hudood ordinances for fornication or adultery, for which the
maximum punishment is public flogging or death by stoning. 

She was finally acquitted of wrongdoing, and the judgement of the trial
court brought global criticism upon the Zina Ordinance. Anyone interested
in sharia law and the ordinances might wish to read "The destiny of a rape
victim in Pakistan"  by Ijaz Ahmed, Judicial Magistrate, in Pakistan.

It can be found at:

In its 2001 report, the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan
estimated that one woman in Pakistan is raped every two hours, but most
sexual assaults go unreported because of the impossibility of being able 
to prove the charges. 

In the country's most populous province of Punjab, the HRCP states that
one woman is raped every six hours and a woman gang-raped every fourth
day, yet only 321 cases were reported to police in the previous year. 

In the case of the gang rape in Australia, my understanding is that the
woman concerned wasn't as inferred by the Sheik "dressed like a
prostitute" she was simply reading a book on a train, minding her own
business when set upon by Muslims. 

It's a good job Sharia law doesn't (yet) apply in Australia or she might
have been stoned to death by now. Thankfully, these perverts have got
their just desserts and are locked up in prison.

That isn't to say that all Muslims are rapist any more than they're
terrorists. Most rapists are car drivers, but that isn't at all the same
as saying most car drivers are therefore rapists.

But there are clear cultural differences which cannot be ignored.

We went to our local swimming pool today as we do several days a week. Two
women got into the children's pool with their children, swathed from head
to toe in robes covering their bodies and hair. Bizarre.

I don't really mind about that, but no-one else would be allowed to step
into the pool fully dressed in outdoor clothes. It does rather imply that
men perceive any women not fully clothed as a sex object. Maybe Muslim men
do - I wouldn't know about that.

73 - David, G4EBT @ GB7FCR

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