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The subject is a contradiction in terms.

David G4EBT wrote amoungst a lot more:

In the case of the gang rape in Australia, my understanding is that the
woman concerned wasn't as inferred by the Sheik "dressed like a
prostitute" she was simply reading a book on a train, minding her own
business when set upon by Muslims.


That young lady who I think was about 18 was only one case.
That gang raped several as far as  is known. One would befriend a girl  they
met somewhere and later the rest would turn up in their cars.

They got such long sentances because  it  was  racially  motivated  and  gang
organised.  They only targeted Australian girls.

There were actually three gangs, one of which were Pakistani brothers.
Their attitude in court was of contempt for the judge and the girl and that I
am sure helped them to a severer sentance. Their father shouting out in court
didn't help them  either. Outside the  court the father  blamed the girl  for
being alone. If I remember correctly they wanted a Sharia court !

Aside from these cases the whole attitude has really condemed the moslems.
The silence of the innocent moslems is  deafining. It really is a case of you
are either with us or against us.

Politically correct or not I couldn't care less !

73 Barry VK2AAB

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