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Hello David and readers.

G4EBT wrote:-

>It's a pity that the decent majority don't speak out more to utterly
>condemn the crimes and dissociate themselves from the attitudes portrayed 
>by the Sheik. The risk is that their silence might be construed as tacit

Why is this deafening silence as Barry calls it correctly, equally 
occuring in most western countries with Mohammadan communities ?
The same conduct we see in Holland, no demonstrations when van Gogh
was slaughtered. Instead flower wreaths, islamic gangs destroyed after
WW-II commemorations had taken place in Amsterdam. It did not made
them particular popular afterwards, people avoid them, exclude them,
ignore them. But now they complain: they discriminate us, we can't
get jobs, we are underdogs. What do they expect ? 

We have no similar party like the BNP, but in Germany they have,
and they mean business. The wrong business, but the voters want to
protest as the traditional parties think they can control these
problems the easy way. Voters can be like a flock of sparrows,
they are all in this tree but some minutes later in the other.
The traditional parties often give the wrong signals when it comes to 
this matter. In Russia, I better not write about it, coexisting already
is something from the past. 

73's - Henry,   PA7KK.

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