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VE3WBZ > AUSSIE   26.08.07 14:38l 76 Lines 2847 Bytes #999 (0) @ WW
BID : 1034_VE3FJB
Subj: Oi Bob VK6BE
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DT:Sunday,August 26th.,2007 @0820hrs EST

Oi Bob ... and everyone.   Sorry to change the topic
from Canada to Aussie.   I wanted Australia@ww but
well it was not to be.

<< Quoting VK6BE to CANADA @WW >>
>From         : VK6BE         To           : CANADA@WW      
>Type/Status  : B$            Date/Time    : 25-Aug 00:08
>Bid          : A91235VK6BE   Message #    : 263068
>Title        : Re: Hello Warren oz :)
> What's this?   Warren in Australia??

  Well he did have to swallow something and go ...dare I
say it "the NET" to Ray's VK2TV BBS.  So now for packet
until he is moved to his new QTH somewhere in the wilds
of New Jersey, he is coming from Australia.

I'm sure Ray VK2TV, stamped Warren's packet passport..<g>.

> I must ring the Secret Service.
> They should know about this!!

 Yes you should!   He might like it, and want to move there
and then it would be easy to find him ... he's the "Colonial"
with the funny looking oversized boat on a trailer parked
in the driveway, blocking the roadway.  The boat would need
to be confiscated due to illegal weapons.    Kep! A real
threat to Australia.

> Croweaters are South Australians,  Peter.
> Ian VK5QX used to be a Sandgroper but has been a Croweater
> for many years now. I am a Sandgroper but don't tell David
> or he'll tell me I live in the desert.
> In Queensland they are Bananabenders. We try to ignore the
> Taswegians. They live on another planet, and eat a lot of
> apples.  We don't seem to have any particular name for the
> Vics and the people from NSW. We just love to beat them in
> cricket, but they have not noticed that.
> Bob VK6BE.
> Hello to you too Aussie-Warren, eating crow n stones..
>[End of Message #263068 from VK6BE]

  Actually Bob, we also have a saying too about "eating crow",
and it wasn't referring to where we are living or where
we come from .    Ray started this recipe on "Crow n Stones"
as a poke at Warren for having the "tagline"  "RADIO ONLY"
don't use Internet, or something to that effect ... so
Ray couldn't resist, and as he needs a few pokes, I let
ol Warren have an elbow, and got a 2 minute penalty.

I see you even took a poke at Ian VK5QX. Poor Ian, he has
been listed "SK" and that caused a furry in OZ, and with his
friends.  Now  he is a former Sandgroped turned Croweater.

Love all the nicknames, it reminds me of how certain US states
have the same names given their residents.   I have not
hear if all Canadian Provinces have nicks or not, some do and
some don't.

Before I head to breakie ... Did I get the feeling of excitment
in your text?   Perhaps you wish Warren was in Australia?
Hmmm that would make an interesing crew at the chew n choke?

Have to go....Maria is calling .... ttfn   Pete VE3WBZ

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