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BID : 18099_VK2TV
Subj: Re: VE3WBZ > Oi Bob
Sent: 070826/1743Z @:VK2TV.#MNC.NSW.AUS.OC #:18099 [Kempsey, QF68JX] $:18099_VK

Hi Peter and all,

You really know how to hurt a guy ramming crow down my throat but I guess
you could say I had it coming. When our HF sysop went SK N1URO pulled the
pins out from under me and NEBBS but I guess he had to since nobody was
willing to replace the Pactor links. I should habe deleted the tag then
and there but like a dope held out and ended up eating my words.

Not quite, I won't be returning to the air as soon as the move is
complete, radio is last on the agenda to begin with. Between depleted
finances and logistics problems it'll be a while before any antennas go
in the attic where I'm hoping to put them if the landlord has no
objections and I haven't even made that proposal yet with all this
confusion going on. I'm very grateful to Ray for giving me a Telnet
(choke) connection so at least I'll be back in touch after everything is
resolved and I'm reconnected.

Never mind the crow, it must have been an emu but the dang thing is sure
tasty once the stones were removed from it's crop.

Never mind the Secret Service, they're ill equipped to deal with the USS
New Jersey Iowa Class battleship. That's besides the point, it's a museum
in Camden and home of NJ2BB which includes a packet station they'd sorely
miss especially after some very good friends did such a good job of
restoration (some still in progress) paying particular attention to the
radio room, one of the first priorities. There are some logistics to
consider too, getting it to Australia is only the half, getting it up the
Murray is the really hard part. The radio team of Bob and Ray can fill
you in on that.

That's an interesting coincidence, our Bob and Ray were a comedy team and
announcers on WOR 710 in New York for so many years. Ray Goulding I
remember well but Bob's last name escapes me. His son Chris is a minor
comedic actor appearing in a few films, if I could tell you the name
surely you'd recognize it.

Speaking of Ian VK5QX I have found him once again. Dispite the rumors
he's alive and well on this BBS, only I didn't comment on his last bull
and reveal his presence. No, I'm not being secretive, only he didn't say
anything I wanted to comment on and I don't reply to everything anyway.

Yup, we sure have some funny nicknames for states and regional people!
They can't think of a corruption for New Jersey so instead they mock on
the state itself. Might as well, around here everything is funny except
maybe to we ho live here and have to put up with it. I wonder but really
don't care what the casino owners think that Futurama placed Robot Hell
in Atlantic City. Rather fitting since the robots known as one armed
bandits closely resemble Bender who will steal anything not nailed down
and if it is he returns with a crowbar. Then there is Donald Trump and
trump is a winning hand by some strange coincidence... yeah... Robot Hell
IS in Atlantic City.

BTW, the only Canadian provence I know of that has a nickname for the
residents is Quebec but it's insulting so I won't mention it. Oh yes I
will, Bob has plenty of them. (evil grin with horns)

73 de Warren

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