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BID : 1087_VE3FJB
Subj: Hugging Warren???
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DT:Monday,August 27th.,2007 @1025hrs EST

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>From         : VK6BE         To           : AUSSIE@WW      
>Type/Status  : B$            Date/Time    : 26-Aug 14:23
>Bid          : 461247VK6BE   Message #    : 263182
>Title        : Re: Oi Bob VK6BE
> Hi Peter, actually Warren and I exchange friendly emails
> on a regular basis and if he was to do a Walter Raleigh
> and visit us I'd welcome him with
> (open arms??? Nah!! Not that far!!) a frog and a beer.

 G'day BOB from the wicked wilds of Ontario ....  AND
actually Warren and I, along with others also exchange
friendly emails, saving our dryest humour for the packeteers
who love to gobble it all up, with or without the frog n beer.

Can I have a picture of you and Warren hugging as you welcome
him to Australia?   <g>....

>He'd have to drink on his own though as I don't touch the stuff.

 I am a most very casual drinker of beer...only if offered and
only once in a very blue moon, or when I see you and Warren
hugging ...then I might have another swig ...<g>.

> Yes Ian is well and truly alive and kicking. I don't know
> where the SK rumour came from. Haven't seen much of him
> lately though.
>Bob VK6BE.
>[End of Message #263182 from VK6BE]

 Well I knew he was alive and kicking when the first SK was
posted along with the texted knives ... as I had just got
and SP from Ian ???? Is he or isn't I contacted
the WIA in OZ ... and got a quick email back of absolute
surprise, and they'd be checking into it, as well the
messages announcing his passing ... and then came the reply
not via the Internet but a telephone call, and YES Ian was
very much confirmed alive ... I felt so bad for all the
worry I had produced in the email, believing the authors
of this SK bunkem, and worrying friends and family.

OK..Bob ... thats all from me ....  Look after Warren <g>
or is that Ray's job?   Now ...mmmm...anyone else coming
down-under-there for a visit ...hee hee hee????

ttfn   Pete VE3WBZ

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