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Subj: Could you pass the test!!?
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G'day possums.

(You couldn't resist a peek Bob, could you?)

I've just noted that my ratio of Oz:Non-Oz bulls has slipped to 4:96 so
it's time I put Oz on the map - I wouldn't want it to become invisible 
on packet through no-one writing about it.

Significant events such as Australia Day and Anzac Day come and go without
so much as a mention from VKs, but you can bet your life that if I put
something out about such events I'd get the "you don't live here" lip-jerk

So here's a bit of light-hearted trivia - unless you are on of the
hundreds of thousands of immigrants wishing to apply for Oz citizenship,
in which case it isn't  trivial - it's crucial.

The test only applies to migrants aged between 18 and 60 who wish to take
out citizenship, which they can seek to attain after spending four years 
in Australia.

You'll be expected to take a citizenship test (in which I doubt many
Aussies would score 100%), then take "the pledge", and to have resided 
in Oz for at least four years.

So for all you wannabe Aussies, I wonder how many of you could pass 
the citizenship test? Indeed, I wonder how many Aussies could answer 
all 20 questions in the sample below?

My guess would be:- Not a lot. 

There's a challenge:-)

But hey - what with my obsession with all things Oz, I only fluffed one -
the name of the first PM. How smug is that? (I took the British
Citizenship test and failed two of 14 questions).

I nnuderstand that the questions are from a bank of 200. 

(You actually have to answer 30, but I'm not sure what the pass rate is).

Passing the test was a fluke for me. 

I'm well up on constitutional affairs, but hopeless on sport.

Luckily there were no questions on the Aussie pre-occupation with sport,
which I can't abide, and would have failed with flying colours. I'd have
been stuck on the national flower of Oz, but I'd seen a reference to it

Go on then - no cheating - try these sample questions for the Australian
citizenship exam. They're taken from the Federal Government's draft of 
the "Becoming An Australian Citizen" workbook. 

Some very easy - some not so easy:
1.  In what year did Federation take place?
2.  Which day of the year is Australia Day?
3.  Who was the first Prime Minister of Australia?
4.  What is the first line of Australia's national anthem?
5.  What is the floral emblem of Australia?
6.  What is the population of Australia?
7.  In what city is the Parliament House of the Commonwealth Parliament   
8.  Who is the Queen's representative in Australia?
9.  How are Members of Parliament chosen?
10. Who do Members of Parliament represent?
11. After a federal election, who forms the new government?
12. What are the colours on the Australian flag?
13. Who is the head of the Australian Government?
14. What are the three levels of government in Australia?
15. In what year did the European settlement of Australia start?
16. Serving on a jury if required is a responsibility of Australian       
     citizenship: true or false?
17. In Australia, everyone is free to practise the religion of their      
     choice, or practise no religion: true of false?
18. To be elected to the Commonwealth Parliament you must be an Australian
     citizen: true or false?
19. As an Australian citizen, I have the right to register my baby born   
     overseas as an Australian citizen: true or false?
20. Australian citizens aged 18 years or over are required to enrol on the
     electoral register: true or false?

I'll send the answers to the quiz out separately.

Best wishes 
David, G4EBT @ GB7FCR

Cottingham, East Yorkshire.

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