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No,I don't think so Warren. Over the past years I have had dealings with
many members of parliament and most are good men who do their best for
their constituents. Many give citizenship awards in our schools, which
brought me into close contact. There have been a small number of
miscreants but most have their career cut short.I think having compulsory
voting probably  helps.
We don't seem to rubbish our reps in the way that seems to be done in
other countries either. You don't need to be a millionaire to be elected
either. One of our PMs was an engine driver; all a candidate needs is a
deposit of a couple of hundred dollars. He(she) doesn't necessarily need
the endorsement of any particular party either though in most electorates
that would be necessary.
Bob VK6BE.

> I guess a representative who actually represents WOULD be considered an 
> outlaw by the party when it's the norm to party like an outlaw.

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