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Subj: Re: ham prosecutions in vk
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Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 23:55:52 +0000
From: (Andy)
To: aussie@ww

Subject: Re: ham prosecutions in vk

G3ZHI wrote:-
> It is understood that most offences related to the operation of licensed 
> Amateur stations in Amateurs spectrum, but not in accordance with a 
> particular Amateur licence (eg operation by a Novice in Full Call 
> spectrum or use of more power than authorised)

You mean the Aussies are like those backward yanks, and seperate licence
holders by allocating them little bits of band ?

What's the point of it ?

> Over the last 10 years approximately 10 Amateur licensees have been 
> prosecuted under Sections 46 or 

The UK has about 60,000 amateurs. Out of 60,000 hams, only 1 of them
might get a warning letter.

The Aussie *prosecute* 1 a year per approx 15,000 hams.

So it's obvious that VK's are the least law abiding.

- Andy -


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