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Subj: Re: oe5hpm: v1.07b13: crash on certain bulletin reads
Sent: 180819/1422z @:I0OJJ.ITA.EU [Rome] #:43657 $:8e860_I0OJJ

>From Sun Aug 19 16:22:00 2018
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	id AA43657 ; Sun, 19 Aug 2018 16:22:00 +0200
>From: Gustavo Ponza <>
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Organization: SICD Rome
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Hi Hannes,

On 08/19/2018 01:25 PM, wrote:
> ----- Forwarded message -----
> Date: 19 Aug 18 09:34:00 GMT
> From:
> To: baybox@ww
> Subject: v1.07b13: crash on certain bulletin reads
> R:180819/0935z @:IZ3LSV.IVEN.ITA.EU $:J8SOE5XBL026
> R:180819/0935z @:IR1UAW.ILIG.ITA.EU $:J8SOE5XBL026
> R:180819/0934z @:F1OYP.FAQI.FRA.EU $:J8SOE5XBL026
> R:180819/0934z @:OE5XBL.#OE5.AUT.EU [St.Johann/Walde] obcm1.07b13
> From: OE5HPM @ OE5XBL.#OE5.AUT.EU (Hannes)
> To:   BAYBOX @ WW
> X-Info: Sent with login password
> I've observed these days that the mailbox at OE5XBL was down from time to
> time.
> Reason is, that the program was stopped by some exception. Attaching with the
> debugger showed that this happened always at same read action from a user.
> The user tried to readout a bulletin, with the content:
>> Sent: 180807/1124Z 18176@KF5JRV.#NWAR.AR.USA.NA BPQK6.0.16
>>From the Atlantic Missile Range in Cape Canaveral, Florida, the U.S. unmanned
>> spacecraft Explorer 6 is launched into an orbit around the earth.
> usually a bulletin has some header like this:
>> Sent: 180819/0912z @:OE5XBL.#OE5.AUT.EU [St.Johann/Walde] obcm1.07b13
>> From: OE5HPM @ OE5XBL.#OE5.AUT.EU (Hannes)
>> To:   TMP
> The From/To is missing in the suspect bulletin, looks like BPQK doesn't
> generate
> such a header. I don't know at this point if this is a bug of BPQ or not.
> Nevertheless is think BCM should be robust against such things ;-)
> All no problem until the content e.g. the bulletin-body doesn't start with
> some
> of those keywords (From, To, and some more) from the header.
> Otherwise the mabye long line ("From the Atlantic ....") gets into the header-
> section and this gets catched by some error handler which stops the mailbox.
> Try in your mailbox searching for this bulletin with:
> d m "Today in History - Aug 7"
> and read it out ... normally you will get some link-failure since bcm stops
> working.
> I've made the bcm robust against this.
> Since this is a serious thing i also incresed the version to 1.07b13.

> The current source-code is available, as usual, at:
> best 73,
> hannes - oe5hpm
> ----- End of forwarded message -----

First of all, very TNX for this new
release of obcm.

I have deleted that message but I read
it on my FBB PBBS partner and it appears
normally addressed with the due data:

Mandato da........: KF5JRV
Indirizzato a.....: TODAY @WW
Tipo/Stato........: BF
Data/Ora (ARRIVO) : 07-Ago-2018 * Ore 12:23 LOC
Data/Ora (ORIGINE): 07-Ago-2018 * Ore 11:24 GMT
Bid (Mid).........: 18176_KF5JRV
Messaggio numero #: 9213
Titolo (Soggetto) : Today in History - Aug 7

The last one received of those kinda
as read on my system is correctly
address too:

Date: 18 Aug 18 11:15:00 GMT
Message-Id: <18921_KF5JRV@ik6zde.bbs>
To: today@ww
Subject: Today in History - Aug 18
X-BBS-Msg-Type: B

However, just yesterday I saw some
7+ messages which were very malformed
i.e. without any type of identification,
no head and no bottom, but only a mess
of ASCII characters.

The failures of some terminals as BPQ,
Sally, and other windoze terminal are
that the write long lines since a CR
is done... the poor packet operator
make the rest don't understanding the
problem... too hard to do a CR near
the end of each line on the console :))

In particular, the msg concerned, the
Bid 18176_KF5JRV I download it and
save the text; then when read (not in
Edit mode) it show a sign dot (.) at
the beginning of the line ... perhaps
(that or other signs) may give the

Don't speak then of Japans msgs which
destroy the normal character reading
at least when read them on FBB and JNOS

73 and ciao, gus i0ojj/ir0aab
A proud member of linux team
Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur

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