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BID : 000513121PZT
Subj: Re: Push bike mobile
Sent: 070502/1736Z @:GB7PZT.#24.GBR.EU [Kidderminster] #:51300 XSERV410h
Date: Wed, 02 May 2007 18:36:19 +0000
From: (Andy)
To: bike@ww

Subject: Re: Push bike mobile

M0PZT wrote:-
> So, "Pimp My Bike", stage 1 gets underway...

Well here's your chance to become king of the bike mobiles.

You could do for push bikes like I've done for old shopping trolley's ;-)

Remember that you're gonna be doing stuff hardly anyone give's a thought
to, so you're a pioneer. Not much use looking to others for inspiration. 

The VX7R sounds great, assuming you have plenty of repeater activity to
use. Otherwise it's gonna be very boring.

Now with your FT817 there's a myriad of extra possibilities.

I'll send a piccy of my FTD Pantenna system, which might give you *ideas*
for inspiration for a full bike system. It works 160m - 70cm, plus extras 
for LW/MW rx. The main whip antenna is 1.5m long for your reference if you
download the pic. Other details available on request or watch for info.

- Andy -


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