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Subj: Re: Push bike mobile
Sent: 070502/2318 @:GB7ESX.#31.GBR.EU $:364_M0PZT Sally 4.1.223 Chelmsford, Ess
Date: Wed, 02 May 2007 23:18:01 
From: M0PZT@GB7ESX.#31.GBR.EU (Charlie)

Subject: Re: Push bike mobile

G0FTD wrote:

> Well here's your chance to become king of the bike mobiles.
> Remember that you're gonna be doing stuff hardly anyone give's a thought
> to, so you're a pioneer. Not much use looking to others for 
> inspiration. 

The fun/hard part is the metal-bashing - I can easily pay money and get the
unit made, but that's not in-keeping with the penny-
pinching aspect of our wonderful hobby, is it ?!   I've uploaded my 3D mock-up,
it's 36k so can 7+ it if anybody wants to see it 
and doesn't have internet access.

The top will hopefully be the opening, and will have a hinge just behind the
S0239 - Plus a lock the other end.  I may have a 
standard DC jack for re-charging, although the fact that the battery would be
so accessable sort of means I should just have a 
spare and swap over whilst the other is being charged.  I wonder, perhaps I
should "decorate" the top/lid with a solar panel ?

A 2nd compartment will be able to house the VX7R should I wish to lock it away,
or take a PMR446 with me for recreational 
use (disclaimer: i don't intend running 5w with a 5dB aerial on 446MHz via the

> The VX7R sounds great, assuming you have plenty of repeater activity 
> to use. Otherwise it's gonna be very boring.

As you know, Andy, DA and ER on 2m/70cm are only 5 miles away, and BZ up in
Braintree is workable, too.  I can hear RE 
and your local box, EK quite nicely - all on the rubber duck - So I think the
/P location bodes well for a potential 6m/2m SSB site.

> I'll send a piccy of my FTD Pantenna system

Thanks - Got it.  Nice little unit.  I'm not 100% sure about lugging the 817
out on the bike, but I'll certainly use it when operating a 
fixed position.  HF aerials are not my forte, so I'm going to sort out my /M
toys first ;)

Charlie - M0PZT @ GB7ESX.#31.GBR.EU
MB7ICF-L 6m+70cm EchoLink Gateway

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