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Subj: Re: Push bike mobile
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Date: Thu, 03 May 2007 14:25:30 
From: M0PZT@GB7ESX.#31.GBR.EU (Charlie)

Subject: Re: Push bike mobile

G6KUI wrote:

> memories of G4TAY and myself going ATV bicycle mobile a few years ago.
> It was a real laugh from begining to end.

Crikey, that's quite adventurous.  I had a quick look at today as I remembered that they were about to 
release a 2m QRP TX and APRS beaconer - and they are, ships from next week.  Not that this is an advert, but a 300mW 
transmitter/aprs for just under 50 quid sounds quite good.

Perhaps it may be handy at a special event or Raynet activity ?  At the very least, I think it'd sit quite nicely inside my carrier-
box ;-)  I also see the basic GPS receivers have dropped in price - cheapest I found was 28 quid.

Charlie - M0PZT @ GB7ESX.#31.GBR.EU
MB7ICF-L 6m+70cm EchoLink Gateway

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