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Subj: Re: Push bike mobile
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Charlie M0PZT wrote:-
> pinching aspect of our wonderful hobby, is it ?!   I've uploaded my 3D mock-up,
> it's 36k so can 7+ it if anybody wants to see it
> and doesn't have internet access.

  Hi  Charlie and others.  What a lovely subject for a bulletin or  three
  and  I'd love to see your mock-up by 7plus.  I haven't got the internet
  access yet but am seriously working on it.

  It reminds me of my early days in amateur radio when I used to have  my
  FT-290  Mk1 mounted on my Honda 50cc moped.  My radio was  on  a  slide
  mount on the handle bars and my mic/earpieces mounted in my helmet with
  a  lead to a quick release plug/socket arrangement.  The  mic/earpieces
  were ex police, bought from a local emporium, and TX/RX was by a switch
  on the left handlebar and worked by my thumb.

  I had a top box,  (plastic) on the carrier and in the centre of the lid
  I  drilled it for an SO-239 socket.  Underneath the lid I had  a  thick
  piece  of aluminium pop riveted to said lid and  drilled  to  take  the
  SO-239  too. The aluminium plate also had  two  lugs,  one  each  side,
  drilled to take small bolts and fitted with some very heavy wires  that
  went through two holes drilled in the bottom of the box, one each side.

  These  wires were fitted with soldered on rings,  (can't remember their
  proper name) and fastened to good clean grounding points. If I remember
  correctly my aerial was a simple homebrew  wave.

  I had some nice chats on this setup when riding the moped on top of the
  Lincolnshire Wolds and I had to call and show some locals how I had set
  things  up. Oh yes!  I was never short on power as my top  box  held  a
  normal size fully charged car battery.

  After a while I sold the moped and had a Vespa scooter to which all the
  gear  was fitted only this time I had an Alinco dual band handie and  a
  dual  band antenna.   With this I could work the  Scunthorpe  repeater,
  GB3WJ, on 70cm from way past Scamblesby. Look it up on a map.

  When I got a car I only had the dual band setup and rarely used it. Now
  I  haven't a car but I have an eletric bike to help me get out but  I'd
  never  fit a mobile station to it as I'd probably be  laughed  off  the

  My  experiences with 'bike' mobile for what  they  are  worth.  Regards

                ...73 de Bill, G0MFW @ GB7NND.#23.GBR.EU O
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