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BID : 000607123PZT
Subj: Re: Push bike mobile
Sent: 070504/0727Z @:GB7PZT.#24.GBR.EU [Kidderminster] #:60700 XSERV410h
Date: Fri, 04 May 2007 08:27:55 +0000
From: (Andy)
To: bike@ww

Subject: Re: Push bike mobile

G0MFW wrote:-
>  Hi  Charlie and others.  What a lovely subject for a bulletin or  three

Packet seems to have perked up this last week or two. Some interesting
topics have emerged as opposed to the usual hyperbole and posturing.

>   It reminds me of my early days in amateur radio when I used to have  my
>   FT-290  Mk1 mounted on my Honda 50cc moped.  

I can remember seeing piccys of motobike mobiles in books years ago,sporting
144MHz halo antennas for SSB. People had an adventurous spirit in those days.

>   When I got a car I only had the dual band setup and rarely used it. Now
>   I  haven't a car but I have an eletric bike to help me get out but  I'd
>   never  fit a mobile station to it as I'd probably be  laughed  off  the
>   roads.

That's what they thought about trolley mobile, now others are doing it.

In the same spirit, I'm posting a piccy called M3HWX-P.JPG for some
entertainment, another unusual /P /M station.

As for M0PZT, perhaps the RSGB's Mobile Radio Handbook might provide some
inspiration for you. I have a copy and it's not a bad read. I look forward 
to reading about your successes.

- Andy -


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