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Subj: RE:VK3API and the cycle-maniac
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DT:Friday,September 5th.,2008 @0812hrs EST

Hello Tony, and Warren and Bob, and everone ....

Sorry to change the Topic from Crime to bikes, but for being
too long, the BBS here would not accept CYCLIST @WW ....

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>From         : VK3API         To           : CRIME @WW
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>Bid          : C51343VK3API   Message #    : 256316
>Title        : Re: VK3API > speed demons
>Hi Warren,
>> Cyclists are all over 
>> the place blowing lights and stop signs,
>> cutting off cars, driving on the wrong side and
>> generally breaking every law in the book
>Strange you should mention that.

 Yeah ... Warren just described what I see when I have to
drive in Toronto.

> In VK3 here we had an every  Sunday morning get together
> of a hoon group of up to 500 cyclists. They used to set
> out on an impromptu  50km odd road race along a main
> coastal highway ignoring  all the road rules.
> They were a considerable annoyance to car users and a
> danger to themselves in that they would cut off drivers
> run red lights etc etc. Police warned them occasionally
> but to no avail.
> Finally one of the cyclists ran a red light and killed a
> pedestrian just starting to cross with the lights.
> Caused a lot of furore and difficulty in how to charge
> him (the cyclist not the dead pedestrian). There were
> apparently holes in the highway code that meant he
> couldn't charged with dangerous driving etc etc.
> I seem to recall he got off with quite a light fine.
>Message timed: 13:46 on 2008-Sep-05
>This message originated in Lilydale Melbourne Victoria Australia
>[End of Message #256316 from VK3API]

 Here at our place, they have these races, but not so bad.

 Just a pain when a motorist comes over a hill and here they
are in a 80km zone,all over the road ... when teachings and
other things say cyclists must ride in single file to the
right side of the road.

 My wife and I, enjoy our bikes, and we just stick to areas
that are void of speeding cars.   Try to avoid any possibles.
It is better then the stationary bike we had in the

 happy cycling peddle pusher...


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