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BID : 60395_VA3BAL
Subj: Hello Warren the Biker ..haha
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DT:Tuesday,September 9th.,2008 @1307hrs EST

<< Quoting KB2VXA to BIKES @WW >>
>From         : KB2VXA        To           : BIKES @WW
>Type/Status  : B$            Date/Time    : 08-Sep 14:20
>Bid          : 44354_VK2TV   Message #    : 256841
>Title        : Re: VE3WBZ > cycle maniac
>Hi Pete and all,

 Hi Warren...and Bob with the perfect paths and no problems.

 "Thank you" Bob for explaining a "hoon" is like a Cannuck
"Loon" but we still call'em holigans, and they are on the
sidewalks and driving across crosswalks and no care in the

Oh well another job for Klaus DL8OL and the Fire Department
responce team to try bring'em back to try again...oh hum.

>I've not seen impromptu bicycle events but plenty of
>bikers of the motorized variety traveling in large
>groups, well behaved I might add.
>When I see them bracketed by large vehicles, especially
>a black 55' tractor-trailer with a Chess knight on it
>I'm especially impressed. Those are the Blue Knights,
>the POLICE. No, I don't look for David Hasslehof or
>a black Pontiac with a "Cylon eye".

Same here... only one group of "hoons" seen this year
and they didn't care...but complained a lot, but didn't
want the police there...mmmmm...wonder why?

>Just the other day we had a bicycle event around here
>somewhere, the police radio was rather chatty about it
>but the real core of it, my 2M rig is without an antenna
>so I couldn't catch what the event was all about. Yup,
>organized and sponsored fund raisers for charity we
>have 'em and hams are the ones who tend to all that
>behind the scenes stuff as we pass them off repeater to
>repeater along the route. I'd rather such events than a
>bunch of disorganized numskulls putting themselves and
>others in danger, wouldn't you?

Same here ..only we have hams and REACT.

Also you tell me, I could not connect to you via any
NJ packet station ...oh could have connected
direct to many packet BBS I found along the route.

>Just to inject a bit of humor, last evening a surfer went
>out to sea and missing so the Coast Guard had a SAR op

Hay!  Hold on! is that the one where the man and boy got
swept out to sea and he tread water for an unbelieveable
time ......huh...   no Maria just saw what I was typing
and told me it was Florida ....   aaah @##$%% !!!!

>         Imagine hearing a helicopter pilot looking for a
>pizza joint where he can lower the basket to refuel.
>The radio op at Station Manasquan could hardly contain
>himself while requesting ops and position, then it all
>fell apart.

Hahahahahaha ... well that is funny....oops better not
talk about it, we'll both find ourselves in a prison
somewhere killing ourselves laughing....hahahahaha

>You guys have bike hooligans, we have the Coast Guard and
>somewhere between there are crabs, nature's cleanup crew.
>73 de Warren
>[End of Message #256841 from KB2VXA]

Whata mean you  USA'ians have the corner on this market
Cannuckians are better.... read my TVPROG coming to a
packet BBS by you...hahahahahaha.

ttfn   your sick buddy in cannuckian  Pete VE3WBZ

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