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KB2VXA > BIKES    12.09.08 16:50l 33 Lines 1232 Bytes #999 (0) @ WW
BID : 44549_VK2TV
Subj: Re: VE3WBZ > The weekend is here!
Sent: 080912/1525Z @:VK2TV.#MNC.NSW.AUS.OC #:44549 [Kempsey, QF68JX] $:44549_VK

Hi Peter and all,

I'm going to keep this short, I tapped some key and Winpack threw a 
curve, now I can't see my sent text! Anyway like the subject field says 
here comes another wave of terrorists, the weekend warriors so there will 
be more entertainment watching the dodge 'em cars at the corner since 
they no longer have them on the boardwalk. Besides, the gas powered ones 
are more fun than the ones with the electric Poles, these have midget 

Oh Lord, I really shouldn't say that, the "girls of summer" are so darn 
cute and they speak good English too.

Speaking of Mister K (no comment yet?) and the Taser, you probably have 
seen COPS and are familiar with the retired Sheriff John Buttsmell. 
Yesterday's episode turned out to be a 30 minute commercial for Taser 
International, what a cheap shot! And you were saying WHAT about crap on 

Anyway, I'm out of here and fed up with this split screen I can't get 
back to normal, it'll go back to default next session at least. This has 
been another packet mess from

73 de Warren

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