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9A3CY  > DSP      14.09.99 01:19l 17 Lines 785 Bytes #-7750 (0) @ WW
BID : E999A0BBS001
Subj: Any user of PSK31SBW?
Sent: 990913/2205z @:9A0BBS.HRV.EU [BayCom-Mailbox] BCM1.40
From: 9A3CY @ 9A0BBS.HRV.EU  (Vlado)
To:   DSP @ WW
Reply-To: 9A3CY @ 9A0YKZ.HRV.EU
X-Info: No login password

Hello readers!  For a period of approx. 1 year, I am using Blaster Teletype Ver
1. 54c  for  RTTY  and  it  works  perfect  with my 386/33 MHz pc.  In the same
hardware  conditions  I tried with PSK31SBW.  Unfortunatelly it simple does not
work.    If  you  have any idea, please let me know.  I apriciate any info very
much.    The  program  just  stays  frozen when I enter the samplerate.  In any
matter  no  reception at all.  When TX starts it does not stop, no audio sig is
going out etc...
Any answer is wellcome to     or e-mail      (I recommand this one)   or      (with subject: for Vlado 9a3cy)

tnx 73

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