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Subj: Re: DSP and pulse noises ?
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Andy G0FTD wrote:-

> My idea for the solution would to be to use PC DSP.
> The pulses are of fixed duration and amplitude and in theory would simply
> require the audio from the soundcard to be muted for the pulse duration.
> I guess this is quite simple to do but I don't posses the time or 
> resources to it myself and I am looking for any recommendations for 
> software that can *specifically* do such a task.

There is sample code available on the Internet (if you have it) that allow you 
to control the Sound Card. In fact, if you input a Mixer Control into a VB 
form, you can do it yourself...

This type of software has been used (and bodged) by HR stations to run
IRN via the PC automation system, switching the LINE IN for 3mins every hr.

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