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Subj: Using a PC for rig DSP
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A few days ago I mentioned the Icom 7000 and DSP with rigs in general.

Well I've been playing with DSP by software and I quite like it,
for CW work.

My favourite lump of software for the task has become MultiPSK which
apart from being a multimode data program (from fax to aprs) it also 
includes DSP options. These work very well indeed.

The noise reduction option with MultiPSK is far superior to the same 
option in my IC706 MK2G ! The bandpass and bandstop stuff all works 
as does the high and low pass options.

On speech signals the noise reduction works well and the band stop notches
out any heterodynes.

On CW there's a binaural function as well to create stereo morse !

Yes folk the dots come through one speaker and the dashes out of the
other - weird but it does work.

My station is set up as follows:

IC706 rig with two back to back telephone pickup coils, one end to
the rigs speaker socket, the other to the input of the soundcard.

The PC is a laptop next to the rig which feeds my existing Hi-Fi unit's
audio amplifier and twin speakers.

I find that this configuration is the best way to do it.

I have tried other software including the JE3HHT's version of DSP but
I felt it to be inferior to MultiPSK's and another old favourite
called YVF (Russian) refuses to work on my latest WinXP 'pooter :(

It worked OK on my Win98se machine of old - I may investigate why it
wont work on WinXP if I can be bothered. However it's not a priority
because I'm very pleased with the MultiPSK system.

                               73 - Andy           
                            Whitstable, Kent      

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