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G0SFQ  > JRC      23.09.06 07:15l 22 Lines 1160 Bytes #999 (0) @ WW
BID : 41807_GB7HOL
Subj: JRC NRD-345
Sent: 060907/1726Z @:GB7HOL.#22.GBR.EU #:41807 [Holbeach] FBB7.00i $:41807_GB7H
To  : JRC@WW

I have a problem with the toggle power on/off switch on my JRC NRD-345 
Reciever. It started to play up a few weeks ago. I had not used the 
reciever for a few months and when I pushed the switch up from off to on 
I got no readout but received white noise only. I toggled it a few times 
and eventualy got a readout but the backlight was very dull and recieve 
was then ok. I toggled it a few more times and the signal meter light 
then came on. I then tried the Timer position and again no backlight.
The state of play at the moment is that if I toggle on I get readout and 
recive but not signal meter light.
When I toggle the switch down to Timer I get the same condition as the on 
position i.e readout and recive but no timer clock.
I have looked on the Net but have not found a solution or reason for what 
is happening, Looking at the wiring at the back of the switch, it appears 
to not to be a simple on off switch. I think that their might be a relay 
somewhere that is not working properly?
Any ideas as what could be the solution would be most gratefully 
73 de John G0SFQ @ GB7HOL#22.GBR.EU

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