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Subj: Hernán Cattáneo (Biography)
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        Hernán Cattáneo was born in Buenos Aires, where he grew up listening
to bands like Simply Red, Level 42, Depeche Mode and New Order while carefully
studying Billboard magazine, the only source of information that was readily
available at the time. In 1987, one of his friends visited Vinylmania in New
York and returned with some vinyl records. These records were to be Hernán's
first exposure to Chicago House. During that period, Frankie Knuckles, who
would have a huge influence on Hernán and his blossoming career, broke into
the scene and quickly became an icon of the burgeoning house genre. The way
Frankie Knuckles and artists like Inner City and Derrick May brought together
the energy of European electronic music with the soul of North American music
left an impact on Hernán and set the foundations for his career. His elemental
understanding of dance music might be the reason why he has firmly positioned
himself amongst the most respected D.J.s in the world.

        Hernán Cattáneo continues to attract a global audience through his
own radio show, now in its fifth consecutive year, on Metrodance 95.1 FM -
Buenos Aires every Saturday from 10PM to 12AM, Buenos Aires time (01:00am to
03:00am, GMT).

        Hernán became a D.J. after being inspired by a collection of Chicago
house records brought back from the United States by a friend, featuring
artists such as Frankie Knuckles and Inner City. This music played a role in
the music he now plays. Hernán describes the music he plays as deep,
progressive, funky and tribal house.

        In 1996, he won the residency at Clubland Pacha in Buenos Aires. His
performances were a great success and led to Cattáneo being invited to D.J.
at  clubs around the Americas. Clubland eventually attracted big-name D.J.'s,
such as Sasha, John Digweed, Dave Seaman and Paul Oakenfold who played
alongside Hernán. Oakenfold was impressed and signed Hernán Cattáneo to his
Perfecto Records label and they toured together in Europe and the United
States from 1997 to 1999.

        By 2000, Cattáneo was a major name on the world club circuit.
Underground releases entitled Clubland Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 created an
underground buzz. Also, Ministry magazine released one of his mixes called
Funky, Deep & Tribal in 2001. In 2002 he produced the international hit "Deep
Funk", released his first mix compilation entitled "Perfecto Presents South
America" on Paul Oakenfold's label, and won the "Best Newcomer D.J." at the
Pacha Ibiza Awards. Since releasing his first compilation, he has played
about 200 shows a year on every continent around the world.

        As a D.J. with an ever increasing fanbase, he rose to #22 and then to
#6 on the D.J. Mag poll of the Top 100 D.J.s. In addition to appearing
repeatedly on John Digweed's Kiss 100 Show due to great reviews of his mixes,
Hernán also has a weekly residency show in London that is broadcast on
Metrodance 95.1 FM every Saturday and subsequently enjoys great success. In
early 2004, he followed up his first mix compilation with the Renaissance
Master's Series Volume One, after which he toured extensively promoting the
album on the Renaissance Master's Tour. In early 2005, Hernán released the
Renaissance Master's Series Volume 2, to great success both critically and
among his growing fanbase.

        Cattáneo is a major supporter of other South American producers and
D.J.'s that have been influenced and inspired by him, including: Oliverio,
MOS, Deep Mariano, and Martín García. He is also known for bringing relatively
unknown tracks to the forefront in his mixes; this is usually because the
producers of these tracks allow him access to them before they are even
released through their own labels. 2005 included a major production release
by the name of Warsaw (on John Digweed's Bedrock Records), remixing work on
numerous tracks with John Tonks as well as extensive worldwide touring. His
fourth compilation and his third for the Renaissance imprint, entitled
Sequential, was released in April of 2006 to positive reviews. As with
previous compilation albums, Cattáneo embarked on the Sequential world tour.
In May of 2007 he released Sequential Volume 2, which was once again followed
by another worldwide tour to promote the compilation. Due to a very busy
schedule, the creation of Hernán Cattáneo's own label has been put off for
quite some time. According to Cattáneo, this label would feature producer and
D.J. talent from around the world reflecting the diversity of his compilation


Renaissance Presents Hernán Cattáneo - Sequential Vol. 2
Renaissance Presents Hernán Cattáneo - Sequential Vol. 1
Renaissance Masters Series: Hernán Cattáneo Vol. 2
Renaissance Masters Series: Hernán Cattáneo Vol. 1
Perfecto Presents Hernán Cattáneo: South America
Ministry Magazine Presents Hernán Cattáneo - Deep Funky N' Tribal
Clubland Vol. 2
Clubland Vol. 1

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