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Subj: Mauro Picotto (Biography)
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        Mauro Picotto (born December 25, 1966 in Cavour, Italy) is an Italian
electronic dance music artist. Previously a member of Italian eurodance
outfit Cappella, he became known as a solo artist with his trance tracks
including "Komodo," "Iguana," and "Pulsar". He has collaborated with popular
trance musicians such as D.J. Tiesto and Mario Piu.

        He has moved in to nightclub promotion with his own touring club
night, Meganite, which so far has had two seasons at Privilege Ibiza. He
produces under his own label, Bakerloo.


1 Biography
2 Discography
2.1 Albums
2.2 Singles
3 Awards
4 Notes and references
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        Born in the Italian town of Cavour, near Turin, Picotto was raised in
a family of stonemasons and dancers. His father ran a mason's yard called CRW,
a name Mauro would later use as a pseudonym on one of his biggest selling

        Picotto longed to start making his own productions, but felt that to
be successful he must first become a D.J. and learn exactly what people wanted
to hear in a record. After winning the Walky Cup competition on national TV,
an event for the top DMC D.J.s in Italy, he got a chance to meet with Daniele
Davoli who was there to promote his Black Box single "Ride On Time", and this
led Picotto to really throw himself into music production. His first track
"We Gonna Get", produced under the name RAF, became a Top Twenty hit across
much of Europe and Picotto had well and truly caught the bug.

        Another RAF release followed, alongside remixes and co-writing credits
for the likes of Clubhouse, Cappella and the 49ERS. Soon the time was right to
release a track under his own name and the resulting record, "Bakerloo
Symphony", ended up being Number 1 in Italy for eight weeks. Also in 1996
Mauro became a partner in Media Records alongside Gianfranco Bortolotti.

        1998 saw him make his bid for UK stardom, with the release of the
Gatecrasher anthem "Lizard" a record that, for many, summed up the hegemony
of the emerging trance sound. The track ended up being a Top 30 hit and was
followed by two further instalments in the reptilian trilogy "Iguana" and
"Komodo". Komodo notched Picotto another chart hit, entering at Number 11, as
well as a performance on Top of the Pops. Mauro was the first D.J. to ever
mix live on the show.

        Further Top Tens followed, including "I Feel Love", under the moniker
CRW and "Communication", recorded alongside his friend and fellow countryman
Mario Piu. The track sampled a mobile phone ring tone and became an
omnipresent summer anthem. Furthermore it was Picotto’s remix which propelled
York's Balearic trance track "On The Beach" to Number 1 when it was selected
by the record company to be used as the radio edit.

        Two solo albums, The Double Album and The Others, came next, in 2000
and 2002 respectively, as well as remixes and productions for the likes of
Freddie Mercury, Jimmy Sommerville, Pet Shop Boys and U2. Unfortunately it
didn't take long for other producers to start to cash in on the Picotto sound
and soon everybody was aping his tough, uncompromising style. Having paid his
dues, and notching up a string of hits, it was time for Picotto's
metamorphosis from trance star to techno superhero to begin.

        "I used to play 6-hour sets at Gatecrasher," Picotto explains. "But I
began to grow up and the generation of people I was playing to was growing up
with me. I began to make the transition into techno because it felt right and
I loved the music. It wasn't like I suddenly said, `Right, now I'm going to
play techno.' I just like good music and I'm proud that, as well as creating
new fans, I've brought a lot of my old fans with me and opened them up to a
new style of music." Picotto has made an estimated 250 tracks to date.

        After leaving Media Records in 2002, Picotto formed Bakerloo Music,
as well as a new label Alchemy, releasing several massive club tracks,
including "New Time New Place" and the "Alchemy EP." That same year he
launched his Meganite party at the Miami Winter Music Conference and tickets
instantly became must-haves for the assembled danceratti.

        Throughout the summers of 2005, 2006 and 2007, Picotto has had a
resident D.J. slot in the Meganite event, held weekly at Privilege, Ibiza.



The Album, The Double Album, The Triple Album (Special Edition) (2000)
The Others (2002)
Live in Ibiza (2002)
Superclub (2006)
Now & Then (2007)


"My House/Bakerloo Symphony" (1996)
"Angel's Symphony" (1996)
"Lizard" (1998)
"Lizard (Gonna Get You)" (1999) UK #27
"Lizard (Gonna Get You)" (Remix) (1999) UK #33
"Iguana" (1999) UK #33
"Pulsar" (1999)
"Komodo" (2000) UK #13
"Bug/Eclectic" (2000)
"Come Together" (2000)
"Pegasus" (2000)
"Proximus" (2000)- heavily samples "Adiemus" by Adiemus
"Like This Like That" (2001) UK #21
"Verdi" (2001) UK #74
"Pulsar" 2002 (2002) UK #35
"Back to Cali" (2002) UK #42
"Evribadi" (2007)


German Dance Awards: Best International D.J., Best Producer, Best Radio Hit
Danish Dance Awards: Best International D.J.
Ericsson Swiss Dance Awards: Best International D.J.
BBm Magazine Irish Dance Awards: Best International D.J.
Deejay Magazine Spanish Dance Awards Best International D.J.
TMF Dutch Dance Awards: Best International D.J.
RT 2fm Irish Dance Music Awards: Best International D.J.
D.J. Awards 2005 Ibiza: Winner
Voted in the Top 100 D.J.s in (USA) and D.J. Mag (UK)

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