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        Paul Oakenfold (born August 30, 1963 in Greenhithe, Kent, England) is
a record producer and one of the best-known Trance D.J.s worldwide.


1 1984 - 1996
2 1997 - 2003
3 2004 - Present
4 Discography
4.1 Albums
4.2 Single chart positions

1984 - 1996

        In 1984, Oakenfold spent several months in New York City, where he
fell in love with the dance club music (see 1984 in music). At that time,
more than any other, New York was bursting with musical invention: hip-hop
was the freshest street sound around, and Larry Levan arguably the first ever
superstar D.J., inspiring a frenzy in the crowd that some guy playing records
had never inspired before - was packing out the Paradise Garage every week
with the revolutionary, hypnotic mixing style that would become the acid
house D.J.'s stock in trade. In 1985 Oakenfold spent the summer in Ibiza,
Spain. Oakenfold produced Happy Mondays' Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches,
followed by remixes for U2, Massive Attack, Arrested Development, The Cure,
Snoop Doggy Dogg, Deacon Blue, Simply Red, New Order and The Shamen with
production partner Steve Osborne under the collaborative name 'Perfecto'.
Many of these remixes were released under his label Perfecto Records.

        He first started playing in clubs as a teenager and soon built up a
reputation as a top party D.. His Acid House nights Phuture, Spectrum,
(Theatre of Madness), at London's Heaven, and Manchester's Legends nightclubs,
and Land of Oz, were among the events for which he first became widely known,
among clubbers and ravers, in the late 1980s. However, it wasn't until the
early 1990's when his name was associated with the D. elite. The reason for
this rise in public admiration was his adoption of a new breed of dance music
called Goa, something he discovered on the beaches of Goa in India and fused
with similar sounding European records to create his own distinct sound. He
took this to the mainstream when in 1994 he created a two-hour set for BBC
Radio 1's Essential Mix. This set became known as the Goa Mix which is still
broadcast on the BBC radio network. His album Perfecto Fluoro became an
instant masterpiece in every major club and college campus in Boston, and the
#1 essential dance collection of Boston Beat during 1996 with Jamiroquai's
Travelling Without Moving.

1997 - 2003

        In 1997, Oakenfold mixed one disc of the double album Fantazia House
Collection 6, a UK House music compilation series that had been massively
successful at the time. He brought his distinctive style to the mix.

        After a short spell as a member of the band Grace, Oakenfold became
Cream's resident D.J. from 1997 - 1999. During this time, he began to
concentrate on the release of Tranceport in 1998. Oakenfold followed
Tranceport with arguably his most successful album Perfecto Presents Another
World which introduced millions to his mixing skills. His popularity across
the Atlantic is slowly growing thanks to his work on the soundtracks of films
and games such as:

The Matrix Reloaded
Herbie Rides Again
Die Another Day (He remixed The James Bond Theme)
GoldenEye: Rogue Agent
Konami's Dance Dance Revolution (For Xbox versions only)

        In 2001, Oakenfold took part in the first Area Festival tour. This
tour featured Incubus, Carl Cox, Orb, OutKast, and The Roots.

        In 2002, Q magazine named Oakenfold in their list of the "50 Bands To
See Before You Die". In the same year, Oakenfold released his first solo
album, called Bunkka featuring artists like Nelly Furtado, Tricky ("The
Harder They Come"), the world-renowned Pakistani musician Nusrat Fateh Ali
Khan ("Zoo York"), Ice Cube ("Get Em Up"), and Shifty Shellshock, then the
lead singer of Crazy Town ("Starry Eyed Surprise"). In 2002 Oakenfold said to
have struggled with dyslexia as a child and has stated his intention to help
dyslexic children.

2004 - Present

        In 2004, Oakenfold's song "Ready Steady Go" was reproduced with some
Korean lyrics for the movie Collateral, and was included in the film
soundtrack. "Ready Steady Go" was also used in Saab commercials, the EA Sports
game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003, the pilot for the television program Las
Vegas, the film The Bourne Identity, and the Alias episode "Snowman". In an
episode of the television series Radio Free Roscoe, "The Imposter", a
character D.J.'ed to the song (obviously acting as if it were his own). The
song has also been used during the performances of extreme freestyle water
ski jumpers.

        In 2005, Oakenfold remixed the classic Transformers theme as the theme
 song for then-new television series, Transformers Cybertron.[4] He also
 contributed with his single Beautiful Goal for the FIFA series (Theme song of
 2005).He also created the NASCAR theme song for 2006.

        A Lively Mind' was released on June 6, 2006. The first single 'Faster
Kill Pussycat' is a collaboration with the actress Brittany Murphy, and was
released on May 2, 2006. 2006 saw his single Beautiful Goal was used in FIFA
2006, a game for the PlayStation 2 and PC market. Oakenfold's 2006 CD was
released by Maverick Records. His name is also associated with a song called
"see it", featured in the second stage of "Frequency", a music/rhythm game
for the PS2 released on November 20, 2001. The song itself is very
inconspicuous and is rarely mentioned; it does not appear on any of his

        2007 saw the publication of the first official biography of Paul
Oakenfold, written by Richard Norris of The Grid and Beyond the Wizard's
Sleeve fame. Paul Oakenfold: The Authorised Biography was published by Bantam
Press on 24 September 2007. Oakenfold is said to be a big fan of Chelsea F.C..
It has more recently been used in the film adaptation of Anthony Horowitz's
novel Stormbreaker. He has also tried his hand at acting by playing one of
the zombies in the 2007 smash 28 Weeks Later. He also scored the soundtrack
for the 2007 Japanese CGI anime film Vexille.

        In October 2007 he released his Greatest Hits & Remixes, Vol. 1 which
features his best performance tracks, in 2008 he features his music in the
film Nobel Son.



1994 Journeys By D.J. Volume 5: Journey Through The Spectrum
1995 A Voyage Into Trance
1996 Perfecto Fluoro
1997 Global Underground 004
1998 Tranceport
1998 Global Underground 007
1999 Essential Millennium with Pete Tong & Fatboy Slim
1999 Resident: Two Years of Oakenfold at Cream
2000 Perfecto Presents: Travelling
2000 Perfecto Presents: Another World
2001 Swordfish: The Album
2001 Perfecto Presents Ibiza
2002 Bunkka
2003 Perfecto Presents: Great Wall
2004 Creamfields
2005 Perfecto Presents: The Club
2006 A Lively Mind
2007 Greatest Hits & Remixes, Vol. 1

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