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Subj: WestBam (Biography)
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        WestBam, also known as Maximillian Lenz (born 4 March 1965 in M๖nster,
Westphalia, Germany) is one of the most successful and popular rave techno
D.J.s in Germany. His brother is Fabian Lenz, also known as D.J. Dick.

        The origin of his moniker is an homage to Afrika Bambaataa, thus
"Westphalia Bambaataa". He started his career as a D.J. in 1983 in his
birthcity M๖nster. In 1984 he moved to Berlin where he released his first
record called "17 - This Is Not a Boris Becker Song", which was coproduced by
Klaus Jankuhn. He played at the first Love Parade rave party in 1989 in
Ku'damm Berlin. Around that time, the D.J. culture made a breakthrough in
Germany. After several records he released his first album named The Cabinet.
In 1991 he organised the first Mayday rave in Berlin. With over 5000 people,
it was the biggest techno party in Germany at the time. Since then Mayday has
been a linchpin in the German techno scene. Westbam is still an organiser of
the party, and he is also a part of Members of Mayday, the producer of the

        In 1993 he played a number of rave events in the UK including
Obsession Passion at the Sanctuary in Milton Keynes.

        In 1997 he released his first book, titled Mixes, Cuts & Scratches.
It deals with the art, the work and the life of a D.J..

        He is the founder of the record label Low Spirit. In 2005 he released
a new album Do You Believe In the Westworld, with the first single being Bang
The Loop.



The Cabinet (1989)
The Roof Is On Fire (1991)
A Practising Maniac At Work (1991)
BamBamBam (1994)
We'll Never Stop Living This Way (1997)
Right On (2002)
Do You Believe In the Westworld (2005)


"17 - This Is Not a Boris Becker Song"
"The Roof Is On Fire" (1989/1991/1999)
"Monkey Say Monkey Do"
"Disco Deutschland"
"Der Bundesprไsidenten Mix"
"No More Freakin' Rock'n'Roll"
"The Mayday Anthem"
"Celebration Generation"
"Raving Society"
"Love Missile F1-11"
"Sunshine" (with Dr.Motte)
"Sonic Empire" (Members Of Mayday)
"Wizards of the Sonic" (1998, with Red Jerry)
"Beatbox Rocker" (1999)
"Oldschool, Baby" (with Nena)
"Dancing With the Rebels" (with Afrika Islam)
"Bang the Loop" (2005)
"United states of love (ft.The love committee)" (2006)
"Love Is Everywhere (New Location)" (2007)

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