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Subj: Zombie Nation (Biography)
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                              Zombie Nation

     Zombie Nation is a German techno and electro project of the Munich based
D.J. and producer Florian Senfter.


     The first Zombie Nation five track EP was released in the spring of 1999
on D.J. Hell's label, International DeeJay Gigolo Records. A remix of the song
"Kernkraft 400" on this debut release landed in high chart-positions all over
the world, including number 2 in the United Kingdom.

     Kernkraft 400 was a 1:1 melody copy from the Commodore C64 computer game
Lazy Jones. Subtune 21, named "Stardust", was remixed by the German producer
team Zombie Nation (initially unlicensed, which caused the producers to pay
an undisclosed amount of money to David Whittaker) in their song Kernkraft

     Since 2001, Florian Senfter has released tracks on different labels under
Zombie Nation and his other pseudonym John Starlight. In 2002 he didn't renew
his contract with International DeeJay Gigolo Records and started his own
label, Dekathlon Records, where he released the second album "Absorber" in
2003. In early 2005, the new sublabel UKW Records was launched with John
Starlight's John's Addiction Part 1 followed by Paeng Paeng 12" by Zombie
Nation which was recorded a few months later. Sven Vไth realized the potential
of that song at first glance and licensed it for his Cocoon Recordings
imprint. The third album Black Toys which was released in 2006 on UKW Records
Zombie Nation is a bass dominated soundscape[2] from tech-hop to funk-laden
house. In 2007 Zombie Nation collaborated with Tiga under the pseudonym ZZT
on the recording "Lower State of Consciousness".

     Zombie Nation is also known today as electronic music liveact. Different
from a D.J. he uses musical hardware on stage to create sounds. The main
instrument is an Akai MPC 4000 Music sequencer which he uses in combination
with a mixing console and several effects units to do a live arrangement and
Mix of his music.

     In December 2009 and January 2010 Zombie Nation created a collectively
orchestrated track, and Florian tells the story like so: "One cold day in
December I had a brainwave. An idea for internet democratic music, made as a
collaboration with my boys and girls on Facebook and Twitter. If you're
reading this you probably already know that it is my declared passion to mash
samples together on my MPC, so the logical first step was to issue the
callout: "send me your sounds!". In the week that followed, my dropbox was
inundated with whistles, basses and burps. The next step was to split the
sounds into categories and present them in 10 polls, and then open the voting
up to the world. I created loops from the most popular sounds, and then
opened them up to another popularity contest. The people spoke, once again,
and chose their favourite five loops. In the following weeks, between sessions
taking my beloved MPC all over the world, I worked out an arrangement. A song!
Part of this work was done streaming video from the studio, with about three
hundred people watching and contributing to the decision making process.

     After a final round of feedback on the arrangement through SoundCloud,
the song was finalised. Tada! The last step was to make the parts available
to the public, so anyone could have a bash and submit a remix. We selected
the six most interesting and unique remixes, and included them in the package.
Now only one thing was missing – a name! This was one element of the project
that was beyond the capabilities of online democracy. The polling system hit
its technical limits. So I decided to discuss the name with my new studio
buddies, the people behind the original sounds submitted! And then at last,
we had reached the end of the road. This project was not an attempt to make a
logical song, a marketable piece of music, or even one that would appeal to
most. Rather, the idea was to produce a democratic piece of music; one in
which anyone could take part, and influence the outcome. And I am happy to
say that it worked out great!". The result was a track by "Zombie Nation and
Friends" titled "The Mind of Many". The sounds were by: 48oooooooooo,
Certifiedsick, Coronium, D.L.I.D, Dastie, Drop The Lime, Flex Rock, Greg
Shin, Hayashi, jhk, Jumping Jack Flash, Kim Moyes, L33ch, MAMM, Memorex, Nina
Lou, Noize Generation, Pablo Decoder, Plastique de Reve, Brodinski, Prozac
Polka, Randee Bugga, Shir Khan, Smashsnap, Solar Explosion, Springboard,
Swam, Textbreak, The Model, Tocadisco, Uboot, upit, Was, and Yibn. The
artwork was sent by hannes at and the song name "the mind
of many" was proposed by Stephanie Nazywalskyj. At the moment, in addition to
the original, there are number of remixes including ones by MAMM,
Noize-Generation, Doberman, Operette, Plastique-de-reve, and obi-blanche.



1999: Leichenschmaus (Gigolo 028)
2003: Absorber (Dekathlon 010)
2006: Black Toys (UKW 5)
2009: Zombielicious (UKW 12)
2011: Partys Over Earth as ZZT with Tiga (Turbo 033)


2001: Unload (Gigolo 082)
2003: Souls at Zero, 12" (+Sven Vไth Remix) (Dekathlon 009)
2003: The Cut, 12" + D.J. Naughty Remix (Dekathlon 012)
2005: Paeng Paeng, 12" (UKW-2 // ltd. 500)
2005: Paeng Paeng + Meatmaster Jack, 12" (Cocoon Records 17)
2006: Money Talks, 12" (UKW 3)
2007: Gizmode, 12" (UKW 8)
2007: Lower State of Consciousness, 12" (UKW/Turbo) as ZZT with Tiga
      including Justice Remix.
2008: The Worm, 12" (UKW/Turbo) as ZZT with Tiga including Erol Alkan Remix.
2008: Forza, 12", remixes by Fukkk Offf and Housemeister (UKW 10)
2008: Worth It, 12" (UKW 11)
2010: Overshoot / Squeek, 12", remixes by D.J. Mehdi and Bart B More (UKW 13)
2011: Chickflick, 12", remixes by Boris Dlugosch and Siriusmo (UKW 14)
2011: Vulkan Alarm!, 12", as ZZT with Tiga, remixes by Proxy and Jan Driver
      (Turbo 109)


1999: Dakkar & Grinser: "Take me naked" (DiskoB 087)
1999: Philip Boa and the Voodoclub: "So What" (BMG Ariola)
1999: Sexual Harassment: "I need a freak" (Lasergun Rec.Lasergun 003)
1999: Frankie Bones: "My house is your house" (Bash Rec. bash 004)
2001: Takkyu Ishino: "Suck me Disko" (Zomba Rec. EXEC 08)
2001: I-F: "Space Invaders are smoking grass" (Loaded/Eastwest Leaded 012)
2001: Ladytron: "Playgirl" (Labels/Virgin LC03098)
2002: Colonel Abrahms: "Trapped" (eastwest UPUS011.03)
2002: Divine: "Native Love" (Gigolo/EDM 090)
2002: AFA / Human League: "Being Boiled" (Edel 0141690CLU)
2002: My Robot Friend: "The Fake" (Dekathlon 002)
2002: Gater: "Taboo" (Dekathlon 003)
2002: Acid Scout: "Sexy Robot" (Kurbel 027)
2003: My Robot Friend: "Walt Whitman" (Dekathlon 008)
2004: NAM:LIVE: "The Church of NAM" (Dekathlon 013)
2004: Codec & Flexor: "Time has changed" (Television 08)
2007: Headman: "On" (Relish)
2008: The Presets: "This Boy's in Love" Modular
2008: Three 6 Mafia: "I Got"
2009: Adam Freeland: "Under Control" (Marine Parade)
2009: Kid Sister: "Get Fresh" (Fools Gold)
2009: Tiga: "What You Need" (Turbo Records)


2000: "Kernkraft 400" - #2 UK,[6] #22 Germany, #1 Greece, #100 France,
      #99 US, #5 Netherlands, #10 Belgium (Flanders), #2 Ireland
2009: "Time Machine Mix"

บ   Compilled from . Translatted to ASCII by LW1DSE Osvaldo    บ
บ   F. Zappacosta. Barrio Garay, Almirante Brown, Buenos Aires, Argentina.   บ
บ      Made with MSDOS 7.10's Text Editor ( in my AMD's 80486.      บ
บ                            December 16, 2011                               บ

บ Osvaldo F. Zappacosta. Barrio Garay (GF05tg) Alte. Brown, Bs As, Argentina.บ
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บ               6 celdas 2V 150AH. 18 paneles solares 10W.                   บ
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