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Subj: ARMIN v. BUUREN: Classical Interpretations (Data)
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01. Hymne
02. In And Out Of Love
03. Zocalo
04. Touch Me
05. The Sound Of Goodbye
06. Wall Of Sound
07. Serenity
08. Blue Fear
09. Exhale
10. Shivers
11. Communication
12. In And Out Of Love (Encore)


March 4 and 5, the Dutch cities of Leeuwarden and Groningen will be under
the spell of Armin's tracks. But not the way they're used to. American
composer Tom Trapp translated Armin's tracks into classical compositions,
which will be played by the Noord Nederlands Orchestra. From 'Communication'
to 'Serenity' and 'In & Out of Love', a big selection of his catalogue will
be translated into classical compositions and played live by the orchestra. A
very special happening, for which the chairs will be removed from the
auditorium and a stunning laser show is set up.

Armin:" I think this is a great initiative. Two different worlds that seem
difficult to join, but I believe that this can lead to something new. I
strongly believe that the NNO is doing a great job with this ambitious idea.
There's been a lot of flirting between these two styles (classical and
trance), but for the first time this is really happening. Fantastic! I hope
these concerts opens doors to those who normally don't open these doors. I am
convinced that trance lovers also love classical music and vice versa."

For those that can't be there to enjoy these events, we've got the perfect
solution. There will be a live cast of the Friday night at Oosterpoort in
Groningen available. All Armin fans, music junkies and others interested in
"Classical Interpretations" can tune in via the following link:

Dancefoundation will be filming the rehearsals, official event and afterparty
and broadcast it in a special video report next week. Keep an eye on

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