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BID : 59494_GB7OMN
Subj: Buffering help pse ?!
Sent: 980110/1447Z @:GB7OMN.#16.GBR.EU #:59494 [Southport] $:59494_GB7OMN

Hi All

 I am writing a piece multi-stream packet software to run over BPQ node.
The software is nearly complete but uses a temporary "send" routine to
send frames into the BPQ node ready for sending to the correct user.

 I would like to be able to include say, a 65k tx buffer which would be
dynamically allocated to users as required.  The software is infact a
DXcluster node s/ware with mail features.   For example, if a user
issued a READ command to read a 5k message, then I would like to be able to
send that message into the 65k buffer ready to be sent out when BPQ is ready
to recieve it.

 I am writing the s/ware in pascal and can easilly create a 65k buffer
as a record.  Eg:

  buf = record
   in:array [1..65000] of char;

 But I have a problem:  IF a user reads a message, then the message text
can be sent into the buffer ready for TX.  BUT if a DXspot, or some other
output is sent into the buffer BEFORE the BPQ has received the contents
of the message from the buffer, then I need to be able to "tag" the DXspot
or other output onto the end of the message text...  BUT if I have 30+ users
doing this at once, though the 1 buffer, how can i do this ??

 I thought of having 2 pointers per user.  A pointer to point to the START
of the data in the buffer, and one to point at the END of the data.   This
is ok up until I wish to send more data into the buffer (like the DXspot)
then I have to be able to record the location of the 1st lot of data AND now
the 2nd lot of data..

 Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts on my problem then PLEASE do reply.. I
have ran out of ideas!!

 Many thanks indeed for your time.  best 73 de Chris.

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