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Subj: Need help with programming.
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Hello OM,

Thanks for reading this message...

Writing a small program for BPQ, (in PASCAL) i have a litle problem.
I want to use a call wich is different from the BBS/NODE call in BPQCFG.

Connecting to switch is going trough the interrupt....

                AH = 6
                CX = 0 Connect to Node. Session uses BBS callsign if bottom
                                        bit of DL=1, otherwise uses Node Call .

                CX = 1 Connect to Node. Session uses BBS Call if APPLMASK=1,
                                        otherwise Node Call.

But I want to use a different call, it's possible, I saw it on some programs,
and now the question is how to do it ??? In all the info file's and docs I have
i can't find anything about this.

Can you help me out of this problem ?? Let me know, maybe some examples, the
may be in C(++) or PASCAL.

Reactions can be send to PD0OLN @ PI8FWD.#FRL.NLD.EU

73's de PD0OLN / Lukas

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