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Subj: File storage thoughts
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Sorry for my late comments, but here goes.

:When average message size will be 2 kB and cluster size 16 kB (or even
:32 kB on >1GB disks) - just count how many TIMES more space is wasted.

Who says we will be using FAT as a file system in three years from now.
With newer versions of operating systems there are better ways of handling
big disks. In OS/2 there is HPFS that uses 512 bytes clusters for all disk
sizes. In Windows NT there is NTFS with a similar type of allocation. In
Novell 4.1 there is a function for using left over parts of the clusters
in suballocations for other files. Operating systems must be allowed to
handle this, else we could end up writing a whole OS just for our BBS.

:But as this will be completely separate layer, then way of storing can
:be configurable - and in the future, when both (ordinary and file-chain)
:I/O routines are ready, we would leave the decision to the sysop.

Thats the way it should be, all the way.

Now let's see if i get a chance too lock into this set of code before the
next one comes along (that is the 96-07-08 code :-). At least it does come
so it is not rejected yet.


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