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BID : 44157_EA7RKC
Subj: Re: SQ6BOT - Public Source BBS
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From: SQ6BOT @ SR6BOX.#WRO.POL.EU  (Zipu)
To  : PSBBS @ WW

SM0ORB wrote:

> But please let's make the code in such a way so it is easy to port
> to unix and possibly other types of computers. Let's not forget that
> the PowerPC chips have come. With some care in coding it should be
> possible to make an easily portable program.

SQ6BOT wrote:

>There will be a lot of #ifdef & #ifndef UNIX  ;-)

  Not #ifdef UNIX, but #ifdef MSDOS ;-)

>Hm, there would be a bit code to write to support TCP/IP. But everything
>is possible. I don't like the way JNOS routes messages from and to
>AX.25 net...

  Of course the TCP/IP stack should be provided by the OS... if not, making
another NOS is a huge work, it isn't?

>I gave up idea of TSR. If someone wants to have a node, he should buy
>next PC and not slow down the BBS (but we can build node into BBS!)

  I hate MSDOS, I hate EMS, I hate TSRs... }:-[

  But as MS-DOS can't handle multiple processes, the node could be done
as BPQ or PCFlexnet, it is better than hardcode it into the BBS.

>It requires writing whole ax.25 like level... ;(
>But it's necessary, because with hostmode TNC BBS would be able to
>support 8 or 16 users (as many as TNC software supports).

  Who wants so many users?  But supporting KISS is not too hard, as there are
a lot of authors that have done routines for this. You could speak with them.

>Try to persuade to a typical sysop ;-) to install OS/2 or Linux   >8^)_)

  As it have benn said yet, MSDOS users should continue using MSDOS programs,
as there are many of these, and good ones.  If they want this brand new BBS,
they should try a good OS first...

>> Please... No config.h
>Hm, we can try. Or distribute whole program in several versions - with
>different options compiled in.

  As far as I know, config.h was required because of MSDOS memory problems.
NOS versions on other OS's have almost all #define'd.

>> But put your compilers a bit aside for a few days and let's discuss the
>> structure a bit. I know it's hard to keep the fingers away from code
>> generating but if there is no structure to start with there could be
>> serius problems a little later on.

  It's a good idea.  Please pay attention to him :-)

  Peter, afterall it's a great job you're doing programming the sources.

  Sorry for the many mistakes I could have made because of my bad-spoken

   73 & have a good FWD de EB7CJO :
   ___              __
    /_ _   _   _'  /   _   _   / _   _
 \_/  (_)_/_)_(/_  \__(_\_/ (_(_(_)_/_)

   Cadiz, 14-07-1996 - 16:52:21 (EA)

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