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ZR5LM  > PSBBS    07.08.96 21:19l 55 Lines 1698 Bytes #-8882 (0) @ WW
BID : 110_ZR5LM
Subj: Waste of Time!
Sent: 960806/1240Z @:ZS0WTE.KZN.ZAF.AF #:38913 [Durban] FBB5.15c $:110_ZR5LM

ZR5LM/TPK 1.82 Msg #:110  Date:06-08-96  Time:14:22Z

Hi All,

I  was  wondering  if  anybody  out  there has noticed how much the routing
headers of packet messages waste time.

For Example :
 R:960804/2346Z @:PI8GCB.#NH2.NLD.EU #:10062 [Bussum] $:34312-PE1PTP

I'm  not  talking about the local msg's, but international ones. I have
had  messages  where  there  are  about two pages of routing addresses, and
about  two lines of actual message. (there is probably a lot of routes in
the beginning this msg HI!)

How many people actually use the routing info anyway? (Besides the Sysops)

I  was  wondering if it would be possible for the PSBBS group to write in a
routine  to  strip out most of the "routes". I.E. all but the first and the
last lines of routing info.
The  bbs  will  still  hold  the  full  original  msg,  but  strip  out the
unneccesary before the user downloads it. At least this way, the congestion
on the BBS will be reduced, and more traffic allowed.

But  ,  what  about  if you want to check the routing of a particular msg?

Simple :  Instruct  the  bbs  in your "Preferences Setup" to send your
messages with the full routing Paths. 
Alternatively, you could send a msg to the bbs to send you the routing info
for any particular msg, or group of messages.

"What  about compression?" I hear you ask. Well, the actual message usually
compresses  well,  but I've noticed that the Headers do not have a very good
compression ratio.

Whats the point of compressing useless info anyway?

Well, continue the good work on the BBS, and I hope that someone out there
impliments some of my suggestions.


Duncan, ZR5LM

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